PS5 Free Game Deal Quietly Changed by Sony to Be "Invitation Only"

A recent Sony promotion that enabled gamers to get a free game with a PS5 purchase has been quietly adjusted by Sony to be more exclusive.

purple10161d ago (Edited 61d ago )

It's still strange how EVERY SINGLE Sony first party game is included, except, Gt7.

(The one I play mostly) the ONLY one with a VR mode, to my knowledge. what are they up to?

61d ago
Petebloodyonion61d ago

I think it's a fake outrage as it's probably mentioning that the user needs to redeem the promotion via an e-mail they will receive.
In order to receive this promotion you must consent in receiving promotions and comunications from Sony.

So no Sony isn't trying to screw ppl by making false promotions.

Tacoboto61d ago

This is Sony not trying to screw customers, just like Sony didn't screw 25 contractors at Naughty Dog, just like how admins aren't censoring negative Sony news.

Nothing is or can ever be negative with Sony!

Jin_Sakai61d ago

Yea let’s just get those 25 QA workers there on a project that’s basically dead. You don’t know what you’re talking about

shinoff218361d ago

Negative Sony news comes through all the time. You clearly just ignore because you have an agenda. Hmmm.

Or it could be maybe the negative xbox news outweighs the negative Sony news. It's just what you wanna see. Nothing gets censored that I can see. Are you aware of how the site works

61d ago
Petebloodyonion61d ago

I fail to see why this is screwing with customers, you buy a console, you register it online and you receive an invitation to redeem your game...
Perhaps the simple reason why they updated the promotion is because someone wanted to redeem via phone or whatever.

As for the rest
Layoff happens all the time in all companies, was MS screwing ppl when they cut some staff in 343 industries?
As for the admins they are not perfect but I'm sure they are trying their best to moderate this website.

Asplundh61d ago

I don't think they're doing wrong here but the rest of what you said is accurate and It's funny the people here telling you that it isn't like that, are the same ones that report and try to fail negative Sony articles. 😂

Stanjara61d ago

They should cancel that trash gaas game that milks money for p2w and cosmetics fomo.

What do you expect...that they gonna give you 65 suits for free?

You want another gta5 online where there is no single player in sight?

Fire them all.

goldwyncq61d ago

That’s more Jim Ryan’s fault than Naughty Dog’s, forcing them to adapt GaaS model by making a standalone multiplayer game and then having Bungie assess their project as “not engaging enough”, forcing the project to start again from scratch.

MTRNYC61d ago

You don't appear to understand what contract work is.

thesoftware73060d ago (Edited 60d ago )

@ Jin,

It's still negative news, lol. They fired people because of a big AAA dead game they were working on, nothing positive in that whole situation. I think you don't know what you are talking about

Dandizzle60d ago

Screw contractors?! Do you understand what a contract is? Contractors are temp employees that can be let go at the end of their contract. Especially when the project is canceled.
This has been the way it is for decades across the industry, I have personally been let go as a contractor by AAA studios more than once. I swear people on this website are so beyond ignorant of the game industry its pretty astounding.

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jznrpg61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

It’s not exclusive just opt in to receiving promotional stuff from PlayStation when you make your account. If you have an account go into it and opt in. I’ve got a lot of coupons over the years

61d ago
IMissJimRyan60d ago

Sony always shows to Microsoft how you should communicate to gamers. You need to say what they want to hear and after that do what you want to do. For instance, say that online should be free, and then launch a console and charge for online. Say that gamers should be able to play all their games offline an then launch always online games and make your console inconvenient without internet.

Console gamers need games, but they need material for console wars too. Give then the last and they can give you room for your own interests.

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it wasn't overlooked at all
people just quickly looked away

isarai1d 6h ago

Exactly, tons of people were lookiing hard at this game, myself included. But the final product was not it. The level design, mission design and especially writing was just painful to experience. I still want to try it as I enjoyed the gameplay in the demo, but not over like $15

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