3D Gran Turismo 5 only a tech demo

Impressive video showing RealD three-dimensional version of Polyphony Digital's forthcoming racer is for "demonstration purposes only."

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sinncross4645d ago

Killzone 2 was originally only a tech demo and look how that has turned out :)

WANNA GET HIGH4645d ago (Edited 4645d ago )

Man sony always amaze me.They keep on rasing the graphics bar.But u will still see another ps3 is doomed article before the day is over... :(

anh_duong4645d ago

3d hidef tv?? what would that mean for the porn industry i wonder

SL1M DADDY4645d ago

I think it is obvious of what it means for the Porn Industry. Heck, I can see them jumping on this faster than Jenna James would jump on a 12 incher.

Awookie4645d ago

Certainly hope it gets implemented in the final build would be a blast

No4645d ago

I'm more excited for Forza 3 than Gran Turismo 5 it's just dead boring to me anyway.

PirateThom4645d ago

That's OK, you must prefere arcade racers.

4645d ago
plain rice4645d ago

Stop lying to yourself. Its because its a PS3 title, plain and simple. The typical mind of an Xbox fanboy.

Joey Greco RULES4645d ago

They are both just games. Arcade games. Silly games. ENTERTAINMENT.

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Keele4645d ago

Forza and Forza 2 kicked Gran Turismo's ass and Forza 3 will be no different.

Queers of War4645d ago

no, no they didnt. nice try though.

GVON4645d ago (Edited 4645d ago )

you would hope so wouldn't you,if they can't match a 14 month old demo in terms of GFX and physics then they should really think twice about going head to head with the full version of 5

malcolm x4645d ago

did you rememeber that GT5P kicked Forza 2 & PG4 ass & it was just a Demo think what the full game well do.

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BlackCountryBob4645d ago

3D, eugh!

It is the great white hope of the movie and apparently now gaming industry. Guess that is my 2 favourite hobbies gone to the dogs because 3D gives me a migrain which could bring down an elephant (IMAX is the worst); can't like films and games if I have to nearly OD on Ibuprofen every time I wanna enjoy them.

Seriously though, is there an appetite for 3D? Everything I have ever known in 3D has really been corny where characters have inexplicably spent half there time reaching out of the screen or throwing stuff, it is a good test of the tech but TBH if the best use for 3D is as a gimmick then I will stick with the flat spectacle less 3D I get from my LCD thanks!

DragonWarrior465344645d ago

OH shut up you bot. Its an option, take it or leave it. So you get a headache right? Does that mean the rest of the normal world's population has to suffer because your a wuss? You sound like the little kid that I always run into while playing cod yelling at your mom for another glass of cookies and milk. Noone cares about what you think.

BlackCountryBob4645d ago (Edited 4645d ago )

What a mature and eloquent individual you are. When there are such expert theologians as you in the gaming community it is little wonder that the rest of the world considers gamers to be a bunch of childish plebeians.

And given you have only 4 bubbles, I think more people don't care about what you think!

EDIT; and I tend to have my milk in a glass rather than my cookies, milk can become very messy if you try to consume it from a plate.

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