Is the novelty of Wii wearing off?

Despite it still being completely sold out in the US and UK, Wii sales are showing signs of slowing in Japan as players settle into Nintendo's new generation...

The initial hype generated by Nintendo's motion-controlled console was phenomenal. Forums erupted with Wii speculation, rumour and excitement, Gav was even live on Channel 5 News. was completely overwhelmed when its entire pre-order allocation was sold within just seven minutes, and Wii's were flogged on eBay for as much as £900 - FIVE times the retail price.

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2tired2day2hate4896d ago (Edited 4896d ago )

i've always thought that the wii was just a gimmick and the novelty will wear off. but i think its too soon to write it off. i hope it does get its faults exposed so people will stop praising a half-a$$ed product, but its doing so well right now.

plus i think people are a little too anxious to see it fail and are making a story out of nothing. its doing fantastic at the moment.

eques judicii4896d ago

that the story is being fairly positive about the wii. It is saying how the wii is mirroring the ds is several ways and that there are a few great games expected later this year that could keep the wii going strong.

TheMART4896d ago (Edited 4896d ago )

"Sales of the PlayStation 3 and Wii new-generation consoles dropped for the fourth straight week in Japan, according to figures published Friday."

All hardware fell in sales. But still the Wii is selling at least three times more then the PS3

@ Kingboy

Listen buddy, go click the link and READ the source. I just copied it out of that source. So it's not strange bringing that up. It's more strange they specified the Wii in the header

kingboy4896d ago (Edited 4896d ago )

i knew u would bring the ps3 into this..geezz! ur sick mate,u might wanna check with a doctor.Well,and for the Wii it`s clear sales will drop even more in the near futur

The great 14896d ago

Your life is about as exciting as the lenth of your manhood which is not much lol haha. That's why you come on here to flame PS3, just admitt it you wish you had a PS3 loser.

Shadow Flare4896d ago

Why do you do it? This article has nothing to do with the ps3. You still have to include it though. Im starting to think all those FPS's on the xbox have made you into a lunatic. A deranged psycho who twisted on degrading the ps3 all he can. You've gone loopy in the thinktank Martyr. Your avatar is dissing sony, every comment disses sony...GET A LIFE you mental! The great 1 is spot on with all his comments

Marty83704896d ago

PS3 is out selling the X360 by 3/4-1 every week in Japan.X360 is last get over it,it always will be.

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CAPS LOCK4896d ago

this article is making sense, i have noticed this in all the major stores like HMV, GAME and Virgin mega stores. there isn't a drought anymore and people by know have finished zelda and pulled a few muscles on wii play, i also heard that the wii can't handle 480p? so hmm i think nintendo really just want profits straight away, i think they sense that they wont be the winner in this generation either...also there is a lack of third party support...i hope it does't go the same way as the gamecube did.

ChickeyCantor4896d ago

there is a wii shortage, and people still want one.

BIadestarX4896d ago

The wii will eventually get old. Nintendo will continue to bring 1st party games that will make wii owners happy, but sells will eventually slow down. Once the wii-mote no longer WOW people; gamers will be left with inferior graphics, party games and kids entertainment while the XBox 360 and the PS3 will be bring games like Halo 3 and Metal Gear.

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The story is too old to be commented.