Redefining "success on Wii" for a 3rd Party

There have been several published reports lately about developers concerned with the sales of upcoming or recently released game titles that aim to offer a more "hardcore experience" on the Wii. This has led to more outlets reporting that the Wii is not for the hardcore audience.

MyReviewPoint examines how Wii "hardcore" releases should be viewed differently in terms of their overall "success".

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Xander-RKoS3664d ago

I have found that most original IP has trouble selling well. One problem with a game like No More Heroes is that (I think at least) it spread by word of mouth more and since price drops happened kinda fast, the game was just being resold and trading hands a lot.

That's probably why so many developers rely on sequels, because those are usually sure fire success.

Axelay3663d ago

No more heroes is a bad exemple because this game will have a sequel, in fact it sold really well, it was the best selling game made by Suda51.
Like the article say game made for the wii doesn't need to sell very well to be profitable for the developpers in contrary of the xbox or PS3.
I hope wii will be the home for new experience and new ip like zack & wiki (more than 500 000 sold i'm amazed).
Unfortunately or fortunately a console is defined by its games, so it's up to the developper to made the wii whatever they want it to be.
We just have to hope that the wii will become a new DS.