XDefiant Movement Speed Hasn't Been Changed Reaffirms Devs, Game Will Run on Google Servers

The XDefiant movement speed has not been tweaked or adjusted according to devs, as the game will use Google servers confirme.


You could be playing XDefiant on PS5 and Xbox very soon, as new rewards unexpectedly appear

With a great selection of Ubisoft Rewards unveiled, the XDefiant release date really is right around the corner this time.

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XDefiant Won't Feature SBMM in Normal Playlists, Prestige System Being Designed Currently

XDefiant will not feature SBMM in "normal" playlists, and there is a Welcome Playlist planned for newbies.

Notellin46d ago

I didn't have much interest in this game but the lack of SBMM in casual playlists has me very interested and I'll be playing this now.

excaliburps46d ago

Have you tried the beta? It's good! It's free too, which makes barrier of entry almost non-existent.

monkey60246d ago

The beta for this was alright. I have to say though The Finals has absolutely killed any interest I had in Xdefiant.

GoodGuy0946d ago

I can never understand sbmm on normal playlists, if you really wanna sweat, go to the ranked playlist.


XDefiant tackles final hurdles for launch on Xbox and PS5

Ubisoft is putting the final touches on XDefiant, the delayed but promising PS5 and Xbox FPS that merges Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell, and more together.

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