Phantom Fury Demo Now Available on Steam

Announced during the Realms Deep 2023 showcase, a new playable demo for Phantom Fury is now available for PC players on Steam!

got_dam267d ago

This is one if my more anticipated games. Ion (maiden) fury was absolutely fantastic. Also, screw that aging brit power metal band for forcing them to change the name.

CappyBlack267d ago

Easily one of the best of the best of the boomer shooter craze. Will be trying out the demo.

TheLigX267d ago

Play the demo, it’s really really bad. I was super excited as well until I played it.

CarbonMission4266d ago

Dammit. What was so bad about it?

SimpleSlave267d ago

Played it and...Yikes! No bueno. The gameplay feels just bad. Cheap, if you will. As if this is just a thrown together level for a proof of concept.

When the remasters of Quake 1 and 2 feels miles better than your new game, using the Unreal engine, that's when you know you fudged up.

Lets just say this ain't no Selaco. Not even Ion Fury. Not even close, BUD!

This thing needs to be pushed back. WAAAAAAAY!!! back...To 1997, at least.

Yui_Suzumiya266d ago

Can't wait to get this. Absolutely love Ion Fury and am about to get the expansion for that off Steam.

Dandizzle266d ago

its a huge bummer, I really didn't enjoy the demo. It needs a lot of love before its even close to the Ion Fury level


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