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Review - There is something about the story and tone of The Lamplighters League that has pulled me in - and it will do you too.

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The Lamplighters League Review - Thumb Culture

"Help the Lamplighters League, as they try stop three notorious organisations from destroying the world. Can our band of unlikely hero's win?" Kyle @ Thumb Culture

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starsi36040d ago

I saw an article about how this game was a massive disappointment in terms of sales. I’d never heard of it so thought I’ll give it a quick go and probably delete it. Can’t stop playing, it’s actually excellent in my opinion. Like xcom but without the boring research and base building bits and with the real time movement sections between battles that really makes a nice change from xcom. Love it and agree 9/10-10/10 from me

shinoff218340d ago

I like everything about xcom. Nothings boring in it so you take that back.

For real though I like everything about xcom. In fact some strategy games have turned me off cause they didn't have anything else in it to do. I get it to an extent though I've been through xcom 1 and 2 so many times I kinda don't listen to the research stuff and what not

GhostScholar39d ago

I wasn’t gonna play this after the horrible reviews but maybe I’ll give it a try


Day One Xbox Game Pass Game Labeled 'Big Disappointment'

A recently-released day one Xbox Game Pass game is unfortunately labeled a 'big disappointment' by its own publisher.

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Vits51d ago

This article is a bit hard to understand so here are the original sources:


Basically, the game called The Lamplighters League was released on 03/10 for $50 and it's considerably a commercial failure by Paradox. The game did optimistic numbers on Gamepass but did not move enough units to justify its cost, generating a 22M write-down for them.

From what I see about it, the issue was likely a lack of planning as the amount of money they got for releasing on GP was not enough to offset the full cost of development and this is something that you probably want if your game will be only available on platforms that have access to GP (PC and Xbox) and is going to be released in a very busy time.

Lightning7751d ago

It doesn't help the game released when Forza release, lies Of P and SF. Bigger games are hogging the spotlight right now. IMO they should of delayed it to next month get out of the busy season.

51d ago
darthv7250d ago

@TQQ... 77 has a point. Just like with movie releases. If you have a project coming out near a big anticipated release... yours is likely to go unnoticed.

Timing is key. This dev/pub obviously didnt think things through.

Old McGroin50d ago


Not gonna lie, I hadn't even heard of this game until I saw this article.

FinalFantasyFanatic50d ago

@Old McGroin,

I also thought I hadn't heard of it, then I looked it up and realised I had just forgotten it.

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Profchaos50d ago

So in short they made a bad game and were disappointed that even subscriptions couldn't save the day

franwex50d ago

Yes. That’s exactly correct.

INMATEofARKHAM50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

@Profchaos, I wouldn't say it's a bad game.
More of a a competent game in a niche genre that's underperformed due to its launch window.

I look forward to getting it at a later date.

Redgehammer50d ago

I found the game to be disappointing

50d ago
rakentaja50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

All I can say is that it's a niche game genre. It's not that easy to pick up the controller and start playing. You have to understand the mechanics and that takes time. Fewer people are interested.

Elda50d ago

It's a niche Indie game that didn't really get any marketing push & if anyone did watch any trailers about this game more than likely most had no interest in buying including myself.

BlackTar18750d ago

I was looking forward to it and like genre. The problem was it was overpriced and on pc released with a character behind a paywall. I will be getting it when it gets to the 29.99 price point

Elda50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Guessing you're one of the minority that wants to play the game & buy it at a discount. If you have GP play it there & you don't have to purchase it.