Gamestyle Preview: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Gamestyle writes:

"The first Uncharted followed the story of Sir Francis Drake as his fictional descendant, Nathan Drake, must solve a centuries old mystery. The sequel follow this somewhat by basing the premise another old adventurer, Marco Polo. Primarily for the lost ships of his which went missing when he was travelling home to Italy. Joining Nathan Drake on his quest will be the new female sidekick Chloe Frazer (voiced by Claudia Black of Farscape fame). She has big boots to fill after Elena (from the first Uncharted) was one of the very few female game characters that actually felt believable and was neither sexed up nor an irritating whiny mess. Intriguingly Naughty Dog have neither denied or confirmed that Elena, or for that matter the other sidekick Sully, make an appearance. "

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Powertesties4193d ago

Drakes Fortune was one of the first games for the PS3 that impressed the hell out of me. Just amazing. I can not wait for the squeal.

belal4193d ago

or elena comes in:( i hope atleast that ine of them are in the game...

still the game will be fun, but just sad if they arent in the game....

Graphics Whore4193d ago

Day one purchase obviously, I wonder if it will have multi-player?

Powertesties4193d ago

One day rental? The first was amazing. One day rental?
This one will be as well?

Let's take this fanboys bubbles!

Lets see if we can run his name into the ground. haha

gw4k4193d ago

This guy is clearly flaming. Down with your bubbles boy!