IGN: Players Wanted: Street Fighter IV

Naturally, a huge point of contention for any fighting game is its selection of characters. One thing that is immediately obvious with SFIV is that fans of SFII will be greatly pleased, while fans of the SFIII and SF Alpha games might feel a bit left out. IGN noticed the odd SFII slant, and they are here to lend their two cents on the matter.

IGN has put together a Players Wanted piece for SFIV, where they list the characters they feel most deserve a slot on the playable roster.

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ErcsYou3573d ago

IGN's lil list is missing Cammy and Rose.. I would LOVE to see more characters but i am very happy with the roster, lots of characters to choose from..

Truthfully, i am just happy that Capcom made a Street Fighter 4... it gives me hope for the future. Im wishing for a Verse fighter ( Street fighter VS Capcom? Its not like Capcom doesnt have a HUGE library of characters to work with )

HDgamer3573d ago

Cammy and rose are in the game.