Gamestyle Preview: The Wheelman (Xbox 360)

Vin Diesel is one of those rare Hollywood stars that doesnt want their name in a game (see Chow Yun Fat or Jet Li), but also wants to help create them. Which is why he founded his own developer Tigon Studios. Already creating the critically acclaimed The Chronicles of Riddick, now Vin Diesel is back starring in The Wheelman. Something the actor quotes as will be just like taking control of the greatest car chases from feature films, except this time you're in the driver's seat."
A major selling point for the game is the introduction of vehicle melee. This allows you to sideswipe pursuing enemies with a simple flick of the stick. Wheelman's devastating "slam-n-ram" manoeuvres can be carried out in all directions, just like you'd see in a Hollywood-style car chase. "This is not just another run-of-the-mill, licensed Hollywood knock-off," said Matt Booty, president and CEO, Midway. "Wheelman features evolutionary new game design mechanics like cinematic super moves and vehicular combat. Once you experience Wheelman's Vehicle Melee, you'll never want to play another driving game without it!"

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