Two new screens Mercenaries: World in Flames

Two new screenshots of the PLAYSTATION 3-exclusive Mercenaries 2: World in Flames have appeared on the internet. Check em out!

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The Karate Kid4886d ago

HAhahahahahaha Yes!!! This game is going to be sooo awesome.


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Juevani4886d ago (Edited 4886d ago )

what the hell are u talkin about?? stick to the article kid... anyway. this game looks promessing, I like the first one...


whydoyouscksomuch4886d ago

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spacetoilet4886d ago (Edited 4886d ago )

Ignore the spammer......
Is it just me, or does this game look crap? Next gen character with old xbox/ps2 looking backgrounds?

whydoyouscksomuch4886d ago

Dude (Juevani), your avatar...
crying guy...
look like he is getting ready to do a BJ...
Anyway nice Merc2 screens.

Violater4886d ago

this game to be a timed exclusive.

Booneral4885d ago

Mercenaries didn't have the best graphics back then, but was so much fun to me. So dont say anything till you see the gameplay. Maybe you'll be amazed to see massive amounts of explosions and how the world around you is ready to be destroyed.