Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Review - You are Reborn

Check out our review of the dark fantasy classic, Soul Reaver!

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CrimsonWing6959d ago

Man, I thought they stealth dropped a Remaster or something when I saw this…

raWfodog59d ago

Same here, I was getting excited too lol. Maybe there’s still hope for a return to Nosgoth.

ThichQuangDuck59d ago

Bring the series back Crystal Dynamics. Didn't realize Amy Henig worked on tihs one thats dope

Name Last Name59d ago

I’ve been wanting to replay this for over a year. It’s been on “Coming Soon” status on GOG forever. Have no idea what they’re waiting for.


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RavenWolfx180d ago

Dino Crisis and Legacy of Cain I can get behind. The others, meh. I would also love to see a Remake of Resident Evil: Outbreak, Legend of Dragoon, and Jade Empire.

SpacedDuck180d ago

I absolutely love Banjo Kazooie but holy crap is a Dino Crisis remaster such a massive opportunity for Capcom.

The engine they have used for the RE Remakes is perfect and it would be so cool to see the first two games remade.

isarai180d ago

Mercenaries, True Crime, Dead to Rights, Max Payne, Manhunt, Duke Nukem, Prince of Persia, Burnout, Matrix, Outrun, Jet Set Radio, Otogi, Kenka Banco, Syphon Filter, Power stone, San Francisco Rush, and despite not being a series, BLACK

banger88180d ago

The Saints Row reboot needs a reboot. Saints Row 2 holds up quite well, but the original needs a remake at least. Keep everything exactly the same, just with better graphics.


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lonewolf10378d ago

I have a very strong feeling we will be hearing about Soul Reaver very soon, again due to that survey they held.

378d ago

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver HD remaster mod just released

A Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver HD remaster mo, transforming the classic action-adventure game from Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics, has been just launched

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lonewolf10468d ago

A mod for the Dreamcast version running via Flycast emulator to be precise.

Knightofelemia468d ago

The franchise needs to see the light again

mgszelda1468d ago

The game needs overhauled gameplay wise. I tried playing it not long ago, it needed a reboot more than LOU1.