Alan Wake 2: The Final Preview - IGN

IGN : In our final hands-on preview of Alan Wake 2 ahead of its October 27 release date, we played two missions midway through the game: one as FBI agent Saga Anderson, and one as tortured writer Alan Wake set in the Dark Place. Find out why we were incredibly impressed by Remedy's latest (and greatest?) game.

Elda64d ago

Too bad this isn't releasing on disc, if there was a physical copy I would support & buy. I'm not at all paying $60 or $70 for a digital only game.

Stuart575664d ago

Its a vision of the future my friend, look at xbox, 10 years from now there won't be physical media. I love physical media, shopping around, buy it, own it, see it on a shelf, pop the case open, lending & borrowing from a friend, trading in. It's a lifestyle, I still own physical books for the same reason, 4k blu-rays, lovely.

Elda63d ago

Good for XB but if Sony PS & Nintendo becomes all digital then I'll find a new hobby. I'm not buying AAA games digital only at retail price. When it comes to AAA physical copy of games that I want to play I don't wait months for a sale.

spicelicka63d ago

Sony already has an all-digital PS5. Xbox only had series S, and it's just releasing a Digital Series X to follow suit. I don't think there's any difference in what Xbox is doing vs Sony or Nintendo. If it's coming it's coming for the entire industry.

spicelicka63d ago

I'm still bewildered people actually defend that shit. Why would the OPTION of both physical and digital be worse than just digital? It's just restrictive for no reason. With digital we're always at the mercy of the publisher. Look at COD games xbox/PS stores, they just replace base editions with new editions and bundles so they can charge full price.


COD Ghosts is still $60 on the Playstation store lmao. Imagine if it was digital only (not that anyone wants to buy that game).

nishanth12363d ago

My most anticipated game of the year! Remedy games are rock solid

VersusDMC63d ago

I hear good things about the game and i will definitely get it at some point but i don't like that they have said that the game was built to be 30fps.

They have said there will be a performance mode but won't confirm it will be 60fps locked and that they are still working on it...


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Mr_cheese1d ago

Their top 3

1)Alan wake 2
2)Balderstone gate 3
3)Spiderman 2

Rocketisleague13h ago

Balderstone sounds like some nerds autocorrect got in there

DarXyde1d ago (Edited 1d ago )

You know you had a very rigorously competitive year with plenty of variety in opinion when neither Wonder (#7 on this list) nor Tears of the Kingdom (#4) are in the top 3.

Personally, I really enjoyed SMB Wonder and it's my personal GOTY, but my point is that this year was insane for games.

jznrpg20h ago

I would have played BG3 and Alan Wake 2 day 1 if they didn’t go digital only at launch. I have BG3 ordered so I’ll play it when it releases physically for PS5 but Alan Wake 2 I may end up waiting for a long time since they haven’t announced a physical copy yet that I know of.

monkey60220h ago

I completely mirror those sentiments. I havent played either yet and I cant wait to either but holding on for physical or a decent sale price to go digital

GamingSinceForever19h ago

Alan Wake doesn’t have the greatest combat but the tlc put into it is evident. There is definitely nothing like it.

I wouldn’t be opposed to it taking most GOTY awards.

bazookasDAD19h ago

I have yet to play Baldurs Gate 3 or Alan wake but there is no denying 2023 has been a great year for gaming. With that said, my personal favorite game this year is Dave the Diver. Pure Joy.

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