Yanks strike corporate deal with Sony

Plans are for the new Yankee Stadium to have a Sony HD broadcast control room; more than 550 flat-panel BRAVIA and professional LCD HD television sets in the luxury suites, lounges, concourses, restaurants and administrative offices; plus Sony HD branding elements featured prominently throughout the stadium.

In addition, Sony PlayStation 3 entertainment systems and VAIO notebook computers will be available to fans in select locations throughout the Stadium.

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PoSTedUP3661d ago

awesome, how bout the new shea stadium too! : ( i mean citi field... : (

Darkseider3661d ago

Absolute and total genius. The most popular sports franchise in the WORLD will be peddling PS3s to the MILLIONS of game attendees. This is nothing more than pure, unadulterated GENIUS.

Nathan Drake3661d ago

Well Sony do make and publish the best Baseball game out there,so it was only fitting that Baseball fans and Baseball players would experience the best Videogame console and best Television sets out there

ultimolu3661d ago

Imagine Killzone 2 and all the other games coming out being broadcasted in Yankee's Stadium?

This far the smartest move Sony has ever made.

interrergator3661d ago

sony is hauling @ss this week

Raoh3661d ago

LOL sony is no slouch. people actually thought sony was going to stand there and take shots from the microsoft.

what makes this even better it doesnt hurt their pricing. the new stadiums have the well off in mind. in most cases you need to be a paid member of the stadium to purchase season tickets. people that can afford season tickets for the family and clients as well as all the activities and food at a stadium is just they type of buyer sony likes to attract.

ultimolu3661d ago

I knew that sooner or later they were going to fight back.

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