ZTGD Review: Lumines Supernova

ZTGD writes: "For anyone who listens to our weekly podcast the Lumines tune should be fresh in your mind. This techno-inspired puzzler was introduced at the launch of Sony's PSP handheld and has become a cult-classic among fans of puzzle games. Created by Q Entertainment this rhythmic block breaker is one part music game, one part brain-busting experience and equal parts addiction. It is nigh impossible to put into words what makes Lumines so absorbing, but once you let yourself be overtaken by the 'un-tiss, un-tiss, un-tiss' you will find a hard time coming up for air."

+ Tons of content
+ Sequencer mode is a great addition
+ Highly addictive

- Lots of recycled content
- No online multiplayer

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