Windows 7: Less of a Resource-Hog Than Vista

PC World Write: Good news: the next version of Microsoft's Windows OS appears to be less of a resource hog than Windows Vista.

Microsoft announced Wednesday that a beta version of Windows 7 will be available for the general public to download and try out on Friday. At the same time, it provided a list of the minimum system requirements it recommends for people who run the beta.

They call for a 1GHz processor (32- or 64-bit), 1GB of main memory, 16GB of available disk space, support for DX9 graphics with 128MB of memory (for the Aero interface), and a DVD-R/W drive.

Gue15379d ago

Good to know. But how much gonna cost the upgrade from Vista?

GiantEnemyLobster5378d ago

Hopefully just $99. I'm a wishful thinker.

Bnet3435378d ago

I'm going to try thing out on my laptop.

LeonSKennedy4Life5378d ago

I'm gonna test it on my desktop.

Let's match the results...

paul-p19885378d ago

im not gonna test it coz M$ are useless imo. Linux does everything i need and more, and that includes gaming :) and i dont have to see Ballmer running around a stage and sweating like crazy telling me to buy Windows either....

Sheddi5378d ago

god i hate u MS.
Why did I even buy vista?

Sheddi5378d ago

Because it was their new OS.
I didnt know that they were going to make antoher OS so soon after Vista. I feel cheated in a way :P
I hope all vista buyers gets discount or something.

jib5378d ago

nothing new with windows. win 3.11, 95, 98, 2000, me, xp, etc. or with any other os for that matter. they come out with a new version within 3-6 year range

SaiyanFury5378d ago

Vista sucked there's no lie there. MS is streamlining Windows 7 to be more accessible to people who don't have the capacity to upgrade to Windows Vista. Your machine can run XP but MS is making it so people with only 1GB of RAM can use Windows 7. It stands to reason that the new MS standard might need to upgrade but not all that much. Lord knows RAM these days is cheap and an upgrade in that hardware isn't completely unfeasible.

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DefenderOfDoom22h ago

Yes , I want to play this and again please please port this game to consoles.

DefenderOfDoom22h ago

"Daddy I want to play this game now !"


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Jin_Sakai20h ago

I’ll be picking up Spider-Man 2 and Super Mario Bros Wonder.

_SilverHawk_20h ago(Edited 19h ago)

I'll be getting foam stars because it's freSh and original which is needed now because of all the remakes and copycat games. I've never Seen anything like it and it's lookS like a lot of fun

repsahj1h ago

Mine as well. And maybe I'll get Alan Wake 2 in December.

darthv7218h ago

Already have SM2 ordered and FM installed. Gonna be a good birthday month for me.

Jin_Sakai6h ago

Mine is right around the corner in November. Hope you have a good one.

ZeekQuattro13h ago

Mirage, Wonder & Front Mission 2 for me. I'm waiting on to see how that PS5 refresh turns out before buying a PS5 so no sense in getting Spider-Man 2 for me right now.

senorfartcushion4h ago

Detective Pikachu Returns, Spider-Man and Alan Wake 2 for me

Profchaos4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

For me I've already got my pre order in for Spiderman and Mario but I'll also be grabbing pixel ripped 95 for psVR2 and trying to finish Cyber punk phantom liberty before the 20th

I really want sonic also but I just won't have the time maybe in December