Is Xbox Copying PlayStation Again With Their Handheld Plans?

While they are looking at what to do for the future, Microsoft's plans for the Xbox are starting to look similar to Sony's current moves with their PlayStation handheld device.

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Vengeance113873d ago

Of course they are, Microsoft doesn't have an original bone in their body. Look to Sony for innovation!

glennhkboy72d ago

Copy Sony of what?...... The rumor "XBox Portable" would be a full function Xbox, similar to ROG Ally or Legion Go; while Sony doesn't have any plan on a full function PS Portable. There is nothing in Sony's portable plan that's worth copying.

Vengeance113872d ago

The new Sony handheld literally is a full function PS5. Play any game you have on your PS5 on it.
Ctrl-C // Ctrl-V

GamerRN72d ago


You might want to fact check that. It isn't a fully functioning PS5. It is solely a streaming device. And you also have to use it at home. So it's useless anywhere else.

Shane Kim72d ago


It is a streaming device, you are right. But from my understanding you can play it over another wifi. So you dont need to be at home.

TheEroica72d ago

Downvotes are from pre-orders for sonys gimped streaming handheld. They should probably check what they're buying before throwing that money down.

Old McGroin72d ago

"And you also have to use it at home. So it's useless anywhere else."

It's actually amazing that people are still spreading this bull. On the day it was announced it was detailed that both devices didn't need to be on the same network, so I could be on a lunch break at work and use mobile hotspot to play if I wanted.

Sitdown72d ago

So you really believe that you are getting a full function PS5 that costs significantly less than a standard PS5? The fact that you say you can play any game that you have on your PS5, means that it is attached to something else....which by default, tells you that it's not a full function PS5, but can access the full functions of a PS5. Slight wording makes a world of difference.

Ozzy240772d ago


You do NOT need to be at home to use it, you can use it anywhere providing you can get a wi-fi signal.

wiz719172d ago

@ShaneKim you also right you can use over any Wifi , but how often are you going to be have stable wifi that gives you the optimal experience that’s it’s worth carrying it around ? You can probably use your hotspot but that relies on another

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glennhkboy72d ago

"The new Sony handheld literally is a full function PS5. Play any game you have on your PS5 on it.
Ctrl-C // Ctrl-V"

You got me here.....

TheEroica72d ago

I laughed too.... There's gonna be a lot of disippointed Sony fans if they think they're getting a fully featured ps5 out of this rip off streaming handheld.

Profchaos72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

And they all copied the game and watch if you want to go back far enough.

However this device is running a thin os meaning it's only going to have streaming capabilities so yeah it's like Sony's new handheld however both are far from original ideas.

TheEroica72d ago

Riiiiiight.... Looking back at the past 20 years it's been Sony copying everyone else's innovations from online gaming to wiimote style gaming but you go ahead and make up whatever helps you sleep.

Vengeance113872d ago

All I see is the xbot fanboy going bahhhh bahhhh 🐑 lol
Selective memory really is something isn't it? Need someone to trim your wool?

TheEroica72d ago

Not sure Microsoft is in the market for a gimped streaming device.

1Victor72d ago

@vengeance: “ Of course they are, Microsoft doesn't have an original bone in their body. Look to Sony for innovation!”
I disagree with you to be fair there they have a tiny bone called Xbox live.
I hope that the( alleged )Xbox handheld system have a physical aspect to it not just as a way to push GP subs up

mjchitown72d ago

like sony copy PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale from Smash Bros. PlayStation move from wii. Totaku Collection copy from amiibo. sony copy psn story from xbox 360. os3 didnt even had a story at first dude. psn plus copy xboxlive, killzone copy halo. remember halo killer ? driveclub copy forza and many many more. they all copy each other . but to act like its only Microsoft shows you a clown. you a xbox hater anyway brainwash fanboys who worship sony.

VariantAEC70d ago

PSAS:BR is a totally different take on Smash. The gameplay loop is pretty similar overall, but how you score is completely different. Also Smash copied level merging from PSAS:BR... so, there is that.

Move was demoed years before the controller was made. Remember Richard Marks actually using everyday objects to manipulate virtual things in the game world? That was what Move was supposed to be... yeah that was in 2004! Two years before Wii launched, hm, who copied who. Even in 2009 Marks was demoing this again with sticks that had colored balls at the end of them. The Move controller was a 3D pointer which requred PS Eye to work. The Wiimote was a 2D pointer that could work in many ganes without the IR sensor bar. So even after the controller was created, the Move didn't copy basically anything the Wiimote did. It didn't have a speaker or mic and I can't remember if it featured haptics. It was a completely different beast compared to the Wiimote in actuality.

Killzone wasn't a copy of Halo. Halo was a galaxy romping space opera with religious undertones driving the actions of the antagonists. Killzone was more of a Battlefield game on another planet. You clearly never played both Halo or Killzone, I leave room for you to have played one or the other, but there is no way in hell that you could've played both and come to the conclusion that Killzone is a carbon copy of Halo. I have played both, and in my personal opinion, Killzone was way better than Halo.

We retread old ground with Driveclub and Forza. You must be talking about Forza Horizon not Motorsport, right? Even so, Driveclub is in no way either of these games. Again I leave room for you to have played one or the other but clearly you haven't played both DC and any Forza Horizon game. If there weren't a text limit I would explain why you are wrong about even feeling that DC is a copy of Forza Horizon (never mind Forza Motorsport).

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Einhander197273d ago

The sad thing is even if the product is lower quality and cost more "for some reason" the same press that tried to destroy the Portal will say it's the best thing ever.

TheRealHeisenberg72d ago

Your very own Playstation fanboys were destroying the Portal. You can't blame the media for that.

Eonjay72d ago

I have been supporting the Portal as it appeals to me and my situation. At thensame time I understand people feeling that they don't need it. Neither are mutually exclusive. I don't understand the need to force it down people's throat and I don't think the handheld shouldn't exist just because everyone doesn't need one.

FinalFantasyFanatic72d ago

Nah, the Portal wasn't that great of an idea and only suits a very small percentage of PS owners (you could just use almost any device with a screen), I don't think a Xbox handheld would be a particularly good idea either.

Umb72d ago

Well, a possibility is those special cheques and swag bags don't send out by itself...

I saw something similar during the PS3 vs X360 days, PS3 has less grass in a game compared to the x360 and was hammered for it. During the PS4 vs XOne it was glossed over as if its not a big deal.

Hell even now with current hardware, excuses are made as to why the SX is having issues, DF episode with Halo Infinite when it was revealed, anyone??

TheRealHeisenberg72d ago

Take that up with whichever fanboys you like to argue with. I am just here because why not.

FinalFantasyFanatic72d ago

PS4 and Xone were technically very close in performance, that's why it wasn't a big deal or overly discussed.

Zeref72d ago

Playstation Portal is literally a joke 🤣🤣🤣

jimbo67672d ago

you think its just the press hating on portal?. hahahahah. no man. everything is crapping on it.

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Vits73d ago

Unlikely, Sony's attempt at a streaming handheld is a very specific one. It's not a handheld, it's a controller with a display that needs a PS5 main unit to function. That is completely the opposite of what Microsft is doing with Gamepass which is making it available as a solo service in as many products as possible. So if they were to really release a handheld it would be much more similar to other more traditional devices like the Logitech G-Cloud and the Abxylute.

As for the idea of a handheld that runs things natively. I doubt they are going to release one as there was nothing about it on those leaked new versions. But they could potentially make something based on the Zen 1/ Zen 1 Extreme. I just don't think they will.

blackblades72d ago

Native handheld is just pointless at this point for both. With Nintendo world, then pc handhelds and now mobile taking a leap with having console games being native.