85% PS3 Gamers Online: Only 60% Xbox 360 Gamers


"Being free comes with certain advantages. Approximately 85% of PlayStation 3 gamers are online, in comparison to only 60% of Xbox 360 gamers."


[UPDATE] - We are aware that PSN users have multiple accounts, in order to download content from regional stores, thus the percentages depend on Sony's methodology of gathering the statistics. If PSP users are also included, the percentage will be significantly reduced.

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HighDefinition3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Game or XBL, Game or XBL?


Game or XBL.

RRoDReaper3571d ago

But I think I had more to do with it

Lord Anubis3571d ago

only idiots pay for something that should be free.

zethos563571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

...or maybe they only have a 360.

I pay for XBL and don't mind. But I also have a PS3. And until the multi-plats start showing real advantage online on the PS3 (dedicated servers) I'll be playing on my 360. Not to mention all my friends are on XBL.

Edit: Does this account for multiple account users?

Graphics Whore3571d ago

There is no advantage for paying more money to use your games over the internet you already pay to use. Both services are online, they have lagg time to time (one does not have more than they other shut up).

You pay to play online end of story.

BulletToothtony3571d ago

i totally understand about your friends being on xbl.. of course you're gonna want to play with the people you have fun with.

That's why i spend even $80 on a night if i'm gonna have fun at a club..

But your argument of multi games being better on the 360 is not true anymore... now MOST games are if not equal better on the ps3, but the truth is that even back in the day when lets say the textures on transformers looked better, it didn't make the ps3 version unplayable, the only game that i will say yes was the orange box.. that game was garbage on the ps3..

Besides that, if you really think that multiplatform games are better on the 360 you're in denial...

And imo if you have better friends on xbl then go ahead and pay.. even thou you'll make friends on psn as well, but imho it is silly to pay for something that you can have for free.

zethos563571d ago

I was talking about online games. I know that there are superior PS3 multi-plat games. But when it comes to games like CoD I enjoy playing online on my 360 more. Maybe its the controller, maybe it's because there are more people on it (I'm assuming this is the case).

Bill3571d ago

Sony's online service has been improving steadily since its inception. the choice to make it free compared to other services was a no brainer. One company wants to give you the best possible online experience, the other wants to put out shoddy machinery, false sales numbers, and un-varied games. They couldnt innovate enough last gen, so they are buying their way this gen and Live users are the ones financing it...

eagle213571d ago

I will always remind haterz about this,

85% > 60%

GiantEnemyCrab3571d ago

Features of XBL >>>>>>>&g t;>> Features of PSN

Until PSN matches XBL 1 for 1 I don't mind paying for XBL.

Bill3571d ago

well apparantly there is a difference of 15% of online console users that disagree with you

3571d ago
morganfell3571d ago

^^^^^^And when you add what was just announced by EA for Home support, well the word for PSN users is SWEET!

Saint Sony3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Free is free, but that does not make it better. I still find it more hard to find group of players with PS3 than 360 period.

sretlaw3571d ago

It's a comparison of how many active subscribers to how many consoles sold. Read.

DaCandyman3571d ago

Some of that other 11 million is the refurbished consoles that Microsoft have sent back and the consoles that we have repurchased. (I can account for 3 of them.

Bubble Buddy3571d ago

zethos: Soundgarden ROCKS! :P.

Back on topic: The only features missing for me in PSN are cross game chat and in-game music for all games. Other than that, PSN is amazing for me, especially since it's free.

evrfighter3571d ago

so according to this and the nielson ratings "Minutes played" 60% of 360 play a lot more the 80% than ps3 users....


NegativeCreepWA3571d ago

You forgot cross-game invites, which enables you to find and join friends easily for all games. And how could PSN not have a feature as simple as a voice messaging.

DaCandyman3571d ago

I do not think that you can account for multiple PSN accounts on one PS3, because when you first unpacked and hook up your PS3 and sign up for PSN you activate your PS3. It is still seen as one account, that is why most end up creating SUB-ACCOUNTS.

1 PS3 with 3 PSN accounts = 1 active account
just like you can create multiple ID names/personas under 1 yahoo account

justlike XBoX 360 1 account per console only you can not have more than 1 persona

Bubble Buddy3571d ago

Yeah many of my friends made 3 accounts on 360 to get free LIVE for 30 days; one almost got banned lol. I still think LIVE should be free. It's just a cheap way to get more money. Or if they want u to pay for online, it should be ONLY when you play it. What if you're a gamer who only has time to game on weekends for example. You're paying for LIVE even on those weekdays you'll never play.

meepmoopmeep3571d ago

well, you don't have to get Gold
i'm not. Silver is fine for me since i'm not a big online gamer.

if i feel like online play the odd time my PS3 is there

BRG90003571d ago

Which company is making more money from their online gamers though? $1 million between approximately 17 million online gamers is about 5.5 cents revenue per player for Sony.

In the month HOME has been out, Microsoft has made about $4 per gamer. Microsoft is making approximately 70 times as much money per online player.

I'm not saying I love paying for Xbox live, but you can't deny which company is making more money through their online service.

ElementX3571d ago

Like clothes, furniture, clubs for your friends, and houses in HOME?

prowiew3571d ago

This news is a little bit wrong. Those PSN accounts are ps3, psp and ps2 users. Also Xbox live numbers includes xbox 1. So those percentages are a little wrong.

morganfell3571d ago


Where does it say that? Just something else being made up to help people sleep better at night. We might as well say Microsoft's total 360 sales include all of the refurbs shipped out.

IdleLeeSiuLung3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

In all fairness, MS had a few barriers to entry for online:

- Market, MS market is for the younger crowd (potentially 10-15 year olds) that don't know much about online setup
- Cheaper console also means attraction of the less high end market (Sony's age range is 30+)
- No wireless built in capability without an expensive add-on
- Stigma of being a paid service (how often do you get people asking, is Xbox Live free?)

With all fairness, a free service will garner many more users, but potentially less profitable. Xbox Live is still undeniably better than PS3 as an experience. To be fair, most of the important features for online gaming (or otherwise) is there for Sony. Anyone that says anything else is just pure Sony fanboys. All you MS haters go click disagree....

I'm impressed with Sony's numbers though, they caught up within 2-years, practically starting from nothing at the beginning of PS3's life.

prowiew3570d ago

@ morgan

They confirm that at the last 1up yours podcast(RIP) (think by Shane Bettenhouse - whatever) Thats were I hear that. So is not made by me. Guess we have to wait for someone ask the question to Sony.

terrandragon3570d ago

He's right, MMOs should be free because only an idiot pays for WoW or any other MMO. Shiz dude, don't talk like a dumbass.

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MURKERR3571d ago

.. but xbl is a good service theres no denying that

JaggedSac3571d ago

You cannot say 85% PS3 gamers online and 60% XBox 360 gamers online, when PSN users can be from the PSP and the PS3.

ice_prophecy3571d ago

You use the same account.... for both psp and ps3...

KingME3571d ago

Sony said that there are 17 million active PSN accounts. I have several friends that have PS3's and not one of the have only have 1 psn account at a minimum they each have two.

So, with that being said the statement used by Sony misleading and a bunch of BS. The PS3 is NOT 85% online.

Nice try though.

uxo223571d ago

We have 4 PSN accounts on my PS3, My girl has one and my roommates have one each. And they are all on my PS3. So it the numbers are based on active PSN accounts, then they are clearly skewed and misleading.

Ju3571d ago

^^ These are still 4 accounts, though. 4 potential customers, even if not used at the same time.

Icecold333571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Come on man, 4 potential customers is not the same thing as 4 actual customers. You know as well as everyone else that Sony is trying to lead people to believe that 85 percent of PS3 owners are online. And they are taking the number of active PSN accounts and dividing it by the numbers of PS3s sold to get their 85 percent online, which is VERY misleading.

1 PS3 with 10 active should only account for 1 online user. Spin it how you want, deep down you know what I mean and you know that this stat is BS. I guess a question for Sony would be how many PS3s are online and not how may active free accounts are there.

To be honest with you, built in wifi, and the average family having internet server, the PS3 should be somewhere in the mid to high 90s instead of 85.

True online customers can play at the same time against each other at the same time. That's kind of hard to do when they are all on the same console huh?

Consoldtobots3571d ago

but Sony only counts Master Accounts not sub accounts.

KingME3571d ago

You are not correcting anyone, no one said anything about sub accounts. I am talking about Master accounts. You act as if you can only use 1 master account per PS3.

Don't correct me, just stop assuming things and you'll be okay.

Consoldtobots3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

ONLY have one master account per console, but you knew that right?

lets see who is making assumptions here:

"Master account / sub account There are two types of PlayStation®Network accounts: master accounts and sub accounts.

Master account:
The standard account for using PlayStation®Network. A master account can be created by a registered user of a specified age or older. Master account holders can set certain usage conditions on associated sub accounts.

Sub account:
Users who do not meet the eligibility requirements for a master account in their region can only use a sub account. Sub account holders cannot create wallets but can make use of the wallet for the associated master account to pay for products and services. A sub account cannot be created if an associated master account does not exist.

Eligibility requirements for master accounts and sub accounts vary depending on the country or region of residence. For details, visit the SCE Web site for your region."

so once again SORRY TO CORRECT YOU.
(actually I caught you in an outright lie, but you knew you were lying to begin with)

shelbygt333570d ago

You know I didn't read where it said "only 1 master account allowed per console."

Can you point that out to me again?

Icecold333570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

haha, dude, why do you continue to make yourself look stupid. Kingme is correct you can have multiple master accounts. All you need to do is use a different PSN ID/Tag and create another account.

The only thing that you proved above was that you know how to look up the manual for PSN. You are yet to show that you can actually comprehend what you are reading.

So AGAIN, you have not corrected anyone. Try this one, apologize for being wrong, recant you last statement and move

One more thing, look at the update for this thread (top of thread) and try to see if you can get any clues from the update statement.

dantesparda3570d ago

i have 4 accounts on my 360, my roommate has 4, and two of my friends have 2 accounts each. So dont act like this doesnt happen on the 360 too. You people are all so one sided.

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Gue13571d ago

It is Free after all.

floppyfeet3571d ago

I believe its also free to make as many accounts as you want to take advantage of other regional content , and things like reseting your online stats.

If 17 million was the actual number of ACTIVE psn users , home would not have such small numbers , i mean who wouldnt want to at least try it out?

zo6_lover273571d ago

"Kaz Hirai announced that there are 17 million active accounts on the PlayStation network"

Yes, they are active accounts

floppyfeet3571d ago

They are inflated

Active could mean as much as been active within the last year, fact is you dont know.

If the home numbers were closer to 10-15 million downloads

The numbers would be 100% fact

But to think that only 3.1 million PSN users decided to check out home out of 17 million people that have PSN accounts...... thats just ignorant thinking.

PopEmUp3571d ago

Xbox 360 sale was a re-purchase cause of RROD, you know you had at lease 3 360 in your house and 2 are RROD.
So as for the prediction that why sale go up? This sound so much like your logic saying 17 million PSN active account was because of people were using multiple account?

Graphics Whore3571d ago

You think Microsoft numbers are any better? They add Silver members to the total tally too, don't be so ignorant and prepare to get your bubbles eaten away thank god.

snipermk03571d ago

If you think the numbers are inflated, whats the guarantee that Microsoft are not lying about "17 million live accounts"?

Foliage3571d ago

Let's also not forget the inflated hardware sales figures for the 360 and the RROD.

dznutz003571d ago

There is a lot of people out there that own a ps3 that don't know how to use it or they only play one game (socom) so i'm sure there is people that haven't downloaded home yet. O and the other accounts are made for peoples kids so they can put parental locks on them (in sonys eyes) it may not count as another console sold but at lest its being used by more than one person possibly of a different age and taste meaning more games or BR sales

not to say that people don't make other accounts for stupid reasons or euro and jap accounts

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butterfinger3571d ago

but PSN is FREE and not too bad at all. Once PS3 has cross game voice chat, I'll be 100% as happy with it as I am with LIVE.

Hellsvacancy3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Lol - bubbles

ArmrdChaos3571d ago

Must be those same idiots that buy bottled many fall into that category???

Xi3571d ago

considering you can find an assortment of FREE wifi spots near you that would allow you to connect locally...

blackpanther253571d ago

Bubbles for you. i was just talking about that to my friend today