Payday 3: No Plans to Change Progression System for Now, Aim Assist Fix, and More Being Looked Into

Starbreeze has no intention of changing the Payday 3 progression system for now, as the devs have also outlined some of the items they are looking into.


Payday 3 Patch 2 Preview - Here's What to Expect

Starbreeze gave a Payday 3 Patch 2 preview where we get a ton more info about the new Legacy Heists, new skill line and more.


PAYDAY 3 Review (Xbox Series X) - XboxAddict

XBA says: The long awaited heist sequel is finally ready for its payday.

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Payday 3 Animation Improvements for First-Person Coming Soon, Starbreeze Confirms

Payday 3 animation improvements are on the way, with a big list of new first-person animations being added in the very near future.