Capcom Boss Would ‘Gracefully Decline’ Any Microsoft Buyout Offer

The boss of Capcom has insisted any buyout attempt from Microsoft would be rejected.

XiNatsuDragnel73d ago

That's good we don't need anymore huge publishers purchase

blackblades73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

It was obvious also pretty sure the others big JP company would decline both of them. Wish he said more like "even if we were looking to be bought MS can't buy us anyways"

Obscure_Observer73d ago


"even if we were looking to be bought MS can't buy us anyways"

They would also refuse a offer from Sony as well, so Sony can´t buy them "anyways".

Vengeance113873d ago


Is that your panic logic? lol
Trying to gather words that aren't there?

notachance73d ago

Just leave it to obscure to somehow include Sony in there

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Rockstar73d ago

Good ol' predictable Obscure....

Outside_ofthe_Box73d ago

Phil Spencer: getting Capcom would be another moment and I honestly believe a good move for both companies. It's just taking a long time for Capcom to see that their future exists only on Xbox hardware. A long time.... :-)

Chocoburger73d ago

For the people who don't know, Outside_ofthe_Box is being sarcastic. He doesn't actually want to see anyone buy CAPCOM.

badboyz0973d ago

Every company wants to get bought.

Chocoburger73d ago

So does that mean Microsoft also wants someone to buy them out?

OhReginald73d ago

you would think that with how much money M$ they would have enough resources to make quality games instead of just buying already successful studios / publishers. But I guess whats the point if they have the money to burn. Just look at all the canceled games and flops under M$'s direction in the past 10 years. I guess they were tired of being the laughing stock of the gaming industry.

MrBaskerville73d ago

They release another Forza next month. First new game i ages that isn't either Bethsda or Obsidian. They would be in serious trouble without Bethesda.

BeHunted73d ago

*Until Microsoft offers the right price

tay870173d ago

Nah not happening. Very unlikely MS will be able to aquire any Japanese publisher. It's not for lack of money, more to do with culture.

TheEnigma31373d ago

Nah, Capcom makes more money on Sony than xbox. A buyout would kill the company.

cammers199572d ago (Edited 72d ago )

It's always been that way because resident evil and PlayStation have a history. Even resident evil and Nintendo have history. But Xbox? Not really. Maybe exclusive dlc for that crappy brainless crappy third person COD like operation raccoon city shooter that released in 2012 that was obviously targeting Xbox like... "Clientele".

cammers199572d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Microsoft has never been able to properly push into the Japanese market. Every Xbox system and major game they've released there failed. Nintendo and Sony have a hold there and always will.

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