MythForce Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis of Capsule Computers writes:

"There was a certain magic when it came to Saturday Morning cartoons in the ’80s. Sure, they were mostly a marketing tool used to sell toys but the cheesy and colorful presentations were a delight at the time and the properties that sprung forth from some of the most popular franchises, such as Transformers, GI Joe, and even He-Man have continued in various forms of success even to today. As such, when MythForce revealed itself to harken back to that era with a wonderful looking intro sequence and promised some enticing roguelike action, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to present a unique looking experience with an original property. Unfortunately, while these cartoon influences remain fairly impressive parts of the package, the overall experience leaves much to be desired as MythForce struggles to find an identity."

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Mythforce Review - Thumb Culture

Mal, Writer at Thumb Culture takes a trip down memory lane reviewing this retro cartoon-inspired roguelike adventure. Check it out!

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MythForce (Xbox Series X) Review - CGMagazine

Blending Left 4 Dead's co-op structure with modern Hero Shooter mechanics, MythForce delivers hack-n-slash action in a goofy, 80s-inspired world.

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Mythforce Xbox / PC Review - An Average Roguelite - The Koalition

Adam Vale of The Koalition writes: I think we can all agree that at some point we’ve seen a game trailer and thought “WOW! This game looks & sounds amazing! That was my reaction a few months back with Mythforce. The art style was reminiscent of the original He-Man cartoon mixed with the classic arcade game Dragon’s Lair.

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rbailey65d ago

An okay at best roguelite that had the potential to offer so much more.