IGN: Fable II Knothole Island Interview

Fable II will receive its first set of downloadable content on January 13. A free set of goodies will be up for everybody alongside the premium Knothole Island expansion that can be purchased for 800 Microsoft Points (US $10). Microsoft and Lionhead have been relatively tight lipped about what you'll get with Knothole Island, but with the download just around the corner Jeremie Texier, producer on Fable II, and Mark LLabres Hill, writer on Fable II, have come out of hiding to answer IGN's questions in a suitably coy fashion.

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TheColbertinator4194d ago

Sounds good but I hope that DLC is longer than just 4-6 hours

TheBrit4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

At the very end of the interview they ask how long is it and he says its a typical download, 2 hours if you go right through it and 4 or more if you explore everything which I interpret as '4 hours+ if you wander over every piece of land that we let you wander over' meaning about 1 1/2 hours of worthless wandering.

Now I'm questioning the 10 bucks because 2 hours to complete the whole thing seems a little steep - maybe $5.00 sure.

I am guessing though come Tuesday I will get it because I really like the game a lot. That's if I can put oblivion down.