Barack Obama Backs The Wii

Kotaku writes: "Sure, video games are raising our children and you can't vote with a Wii remote. Now that the voting is over, President-elect Obama finds time to kick back with a little Wii Sports bowling.

In an article in the New York Times in which our soon-to-be President predicts a Florida win over Oklahoma in tonight's BCS championship game, it is revealed that Barack Obama's daughters received a shiny new Nintendo console when Santa Claus visited this year.

Mr. Obama said he'd have his hands full attempting to rescue the American economy. But he has gotten in a little practice in bowling lately on the Nintendo Wii his daughters received for Christmas. Mr. Obama, who famously struggled in bowling during last year's Democratic primaries, said he performs better in the video game."

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Obama3573d ago

Such a lie by the mass media. I back the ps3 period. Coming straight from the president himself.

TheColbertinator3573d ago


You forgot to do the

"I am Barack Obama and I approve this message"

Why dis3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

You're like that evil reporter following Obama around pretending you support him?
Please change your avatar I'v seen your posts you're nothing like him.
Even as an supporter just stop it please.

More like Dic. C

SaiyanFury3573d ago

No shocker that the next Prez supports the best selling family friendly console. It's a political movement and not a personal one. It's always politics when it comes to the popular vote.

smokeymicpot3573d ago

I thought he was down for the gamecast,

Sheddi3573d ago

Doesnt matter the console.

thereapersson3573d ago

read: family gaming

I'm sure he doesn't approve of GTA...

Sheddi3573d ago

ahh man...didnt read that :P
well u cant have everything.

hack3573d ago

is it only me or the Wii is the worst system in the gaming history !?

smokeymicpot3573d ago

Funny how the worst system is doing the best. And it is doing what video games are supposed to make you do and that is have fun. I guess most you forgot about that.

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The story is too old to be commented.