Dungeons 4 Preview - Nerdy Bird Games

The Ultimate Evil is back in new form in Dungeons 4. Dungeons 4 is bigger, better, and more beautiful than ever before and is available from November 9th on Xbox, PC, PlayStation and Game Pass Day one. Here are my thoughts.

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Review - Dungeons 4 (PC) | WayTooManyGames

WTMG's Thomas Medina: "Dungeons 4 was the gaming palette cleanser I didn’t know I was looking for. Its story is nonsense told very well, but its gameplay loop is practiced, iterated, and masterful. Mission and map design is unique with varied and distinct units. It could be easy for the game to be too much or complex is instead the first RTS I’ve ever played with a controller that actually felt comfortable. I switched between my PC and Steam Deck freely, never feeling like I was missing something on the Deck that would affect my gameplay performance. That alone blew my socks off and made it a permanent install for my Steam Deck. It’s a fun game, supported by expert design and a smooth always entertaining gameplay loop. What more could I ask for? "

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Dungeons 4 Review by Video Chums

“Dungeons 4 is chock full of challenging real-time strategy scenarios that are bursting with variety and oodles of humour. It all adds up to a wonderful experience that this game-playing Evil highly recommends to anyone who loves to be bad.” - A.J. Maciejewski from Video Chums.

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Dungeons 4 PC Review | NoobFeed

NoobFeed Editor Jay Claassen writes - Dungeons 4 looks set to be the biggest sequel to an already great series of releases while maintaining the same level of over-the-top quality and brilliant story. Though it’s also one the most of the most fleshed-out games out there with so much to keep you sucked in, whether you’re looking for a good story or just some strategy with a challenge, you’ll likely get exactly what you’re after.

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