Gaming Nexus: Master of Monster Lair Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "I'm not sure how I feel about Master of the Monster Lair. On one hand it's cute and charming and plays great in short bursts. But on the flip side it's not a very meaty adventure like say Etrian Odyssey, which demands your utmost attention and map-making skills to succeed. MotML (seriously, Atlus, you guys love long titles) is a great first experience for anyone looking to try out an RPG. It lets you play at your own pace which I found to be quite enjoyable considering I run a rather hectic schedule. It also allows you to play things your own way, you create the dungeons, you decide where the monsters go, and you grow in areas where you think you are lacking. This free-form approach to gaming seems like a successful plan, in the case of Master of Monster Lair, it just needs a little more fleshing out."

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