The Lord of The Rings Game "Tales of the Shire" Announced by Private Division and Wētā Workshop

Private Division and Wētā Workshop have officially announced Tales of the Shire, a brand-new Lord of the Rings adventure.

StarkR3ality67d ago

Mmmm, interesting. Wonder what kind of gameplay it'll be focusing on the shire?

CrimsonWing6967d ago

Hopefully it won’t be any worse than Gollum.

StarkR3ality67d ago

Hahahaha! I don't think that could be possible 😂

Daeloki66d ago

My money is on Stardew Valley but Hobbits, and I don't hate the idea :)

savedsynner67d ago

Haha right...can't imagine there is much combat in the Shire. I still can't believe they haven't made another game in the Shadow series. There is so much potential there, especially with the nemesis system.

The_Hooligan66d ago

That's what I'm thinking too. I also wouldn't mind a full city/town building game where you can also trade with other races. Maybe throw in some defenses against goblin/orca invasions from time to time.

Aussiesummer67d ago

Will it be as good as gollum? Lol

phoenixwing67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

The owners of the lord of the rings ip deserve this kind of ridicule for basically not doing quality control with their ip. Now their whole ip brand for video games is in question

Knightofelemia67d ago

I was hoping Namco was dropping a new Tales game but I am interested in this.