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(MP1st) Hauntii Hands-On Preview – With a quirky art style and great soundtrack, Hauntii is shaping up to be a puzzling journey.


Hauntii Materialises on Console and PC This May

Firestoke and Moonlo op Games are ready to bring their atmospheric indie adventure Hauntii to console and PC this May.


Xbox Game Pass will get this incredibly cute yet creepy new game on day one, developers confirm

Indulge in the cozy vibes of the hauntingly good-looking indie Hauntii that will be launching on Xbox Game Pass on day one.

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Hauntii - Day of the Devs: Summer Game Fest Edition 2023

Coming to PC and consoles next year, Hauntii controls similarly to a twin-stick shooter but is instead about haunting the citizens of a mysterious world and its environment.

By haunting certain objects, players can manipulate the world to solve puzzles.

According to its developer, “Hauntii is set in Eternity, a place that exists outside of space, where all souls eventually end up. No ghost can truly die in Eternity, but all can be led astray, corrupted into hellish versions of their former selves.”