Triple-A games are coming to iPhone 15 Pro - And the implications are mouthwatering

Digital Foundry - A compelling unified Apple ecosystem for top-end games takes shape.

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Vengeance113865d ago

You really truly want to play AAA games designed for massive TVs on a 6.1 inch screen?? Where your battery will die in probably less than an hour?
Talk about a compromised experience, zero immersion.

CrimsonWing6965d ago

Yea, no, I’d rather play a game on a console with a large TV. Not hunched over holding a phone to my face.

I mean it’s cool that the phone can play these games, but I wouldn’t ever game on a phone.

Charlieboy33365d ago

The implications are zero. Mobile players are into pick up and play titles like Candy Crush, Angry Birds and Bubble Shooter. You know, the kind of games made for killing time by conveniently pulling your phone out of your pocket for some quick levels. It's a completely different market and it blows my mind that some people still don't understand that.

People who are into big budget AAA games do not want play play the worst version where all that glorious detail is squeezed onto a tiny screen with shit touch controls. Sure you can you use a controller backbone, but then where's the convenience that?

So the new Iphone is capable of runnning AAA level games now comparable to console. Big whoop. Do you honestly see people flocking to play, for example, a whole bunch of battery destroying hours in a game such as Baldur's Gate 3 on their phone while taking a dump or at the doctor's office? Surely your phone is the way to go to experience the new Cyberpunk expansion maybe?

Sure, whatever.

RaidenBlack61d ago

Well, you can use a simple snap-on controller (not-Backbone)
Then you get something like the Playstation portal or Steam Deck or N.Switch or Xbox Mobile Cloud setup.
Instead of getting a phone + a gaming handheld (phone price + handheld price), you get an all-in-one.
And also with the new iPhone's USB-C port, people have been connecting to their TV's as well. (Expect more support in this space)
So an all-in-one you can daily use, game on the go and can connect to your TV (whilst placed on a wireless charger/charging pad) ...
Yes, it will be expensive but its the equivalent to what initial expensive smart phones did to digital cameras, GPS devices, PSP and to some extent laptops. And you got a derivative of that smart phone right now in your pocket. You're not daily carrying a separate digital camera, GPS device or a PSP nowadays are you?
A remember this is a first-generation approach. It will be refined upon as happens to every new tech and will get cheaper.
And x86 advantages are gradually diminishing ... ARM architecture is the future. Apple silicon has proved it.


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abstractel7d ago

I really can't wait until we have headsets with wider field of view. I enjoy VR, I've owned a Rift, Quest 2, Valve Index and now a PSVR2. Village is great on the PSVR2 but I always have this sense that there are blinders on my eyes like the police use on horses. Pimax is unfortunately the only company offering a very wide field of view and I say unfortunately because they are a pain to set up and deal with overall.

It's been so many years since VR first was released and progress has been really slow. I realize the sales aren't making companies investing a lot of money into the space but I think it would take off if they fixed the FOV, smaller form factor, and clever solutions to motion sickness. I've worked up my tolerance to VR motion sickness but that's something that needs to be fixed if the general public will pick it up. I'm glad the PSVR2 has foveated rendering (one of the very few headsets to have this feature), games look great on it.

I hope the Apple Vision Pro will be a large step forward in these areas so that in 1-2 years time we'll get a cheaper version with similar specs.

bunt-custardly7d ago

Problem with wider FOV is you need more screen real-estate to be rendered making for more GPU power requirments. I assume the way the headsets are designed have this in mind aside from as you say Pimax. Having tried Pimax 8K the canted displays cause eye strain issues for some people. So there are trade-offs with these things.


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Nacho_Z26d ago

Yeah that giant baby monster thing from Resi Village was rough. I think it only killed me once the first time I encountered it and panicked but it was a nasty way to go. I was happy to get out of there.


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