The First Descendant Tier List - Best Characters Ranked

Equip yourself for survival with this in-depth The First Descendant tier list. Boost your game with the best characters for this meta.

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The First Descendant│Official Reveal Trailer (4K)│The Game Awards 2023

Check out the new trailer, featuring the battle between a new Descendant and powerful Colossi!
Through the trailer, you can also find out the official global release date of The First Descendant, which established itself as a next-generation looter shooter with nearly 2 million global players who participated in the recent Crossplay Open Beta.


The First Descendant Interview With Nexon - Entering the Looter Shooter Genre

The First Descendant Interview - Nexon Games talks about their upcoming looter shooter, what inspired them, boosters and more.

Servbot41116d ago

Game that will be dead within 6 months.


The First Descendant: Devs Undecided on Paid Boosters; UX Improvements for Farming Planned

Nexon Games is still unsure whether The First Descendant boosters will be part of the game. UX farming improvements planned.

EvertonFC118d ago

So they've decided then 🤣😂

Epicent3r1249117d ago

Warframe has boosters. They work well. If FD does this I won't complain. I just don't want to see "insert weapon" for $29.99 on sale but there is no way to achieve it in the game