New Resistance Retribution trailer

Fresh from CES 2009 in Las Vegas, here's a bramd new trailer for the biggest PSP game of the year, Sony's Resistance Retribution.

The handheld shooter bridges the plot between the two PS3 Resistance games, with players taking the role of former British Marine James Grayson, as mankind sets about retaking the European continent from the Chimera.

Eight player multiplayer is promised, with five game modes making up the roster.

It's down for release this spring. See the video below...

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MGOelite3573d ago

so this ones set in France? look at the end of the trailer there is the tower in paris

Neo-Delta3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Eiffel Tower? XD

I'm really surprised at the story elements and depth. Its amazingly deep. At least it is for a shooter on a hand-held.

TheColbertinator3573d ago

Looks great.I could really dig this game online

Cajun Chicken3573d ago

Does anybody know why this isn't working for me?

Nineball21123573d ago

It took a while for me to buffer it, but it did work.

I think this looks really good and I'd love to play it.

Cajun Chicken3573d ago

This just goes blank for me, some kind of region lockout or something?

NewYork2143573d ago

it wouldnt work for me in firefox. had to use internet explorer to watch it.

Cajun Chicken3573d ago

Hmm, it didn't work in IE either. How annoying, MUST be region, just went blank again, I'm from UK.
Oh well, I'll see if I can find it from another source.

Karum3572d ago

Wasn't working for me on this page so I clicked the link to the website and it worked there.

Using firefox.

Cajun Chicken3572d ago

Its not working in Firefox OR IE for me, I'm not DL'ing Chrome just to see one video!

NVM, I'll wait until somewhere else uploads it.

jlytle12343572d ago

its called youtube and
jesus stop being so lazy.

Tiberium3572d ago

Worked fine for me, and I'm using firefox. On topic, it looks good but I heard insomniac isn't developing it. I think it's bend studios. That's kind of a funny name. bend

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Eiffel3573d ago

Well this game gives me a reason to dust off the old PSP.

Cure3573d ago

looks great for a PSP title. story seems to be pretty cool.

badz1493572d ago

I!m going to buy it either way because I love Resistance but this looks pretty good!

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The story is too old to be commented.