GamesRadar: Rise of the Argonauts Review

GamesRadar writes: "Rise of the Argonauts tries its best to copy the "modern" Action RPG stereotype set forth by games like Mass Effect and Jade Empire. As King Jason, you travel from place to place in an attempt to find the golden fleece and use it to resurrect your freshly assassinated bride. You're always be accompanied by two companions. You spend some time killing large volumes of men, monsters and even myths in real-time combat. And you spend the rest of your time talking to a ton of folks, who often dish out random side quests and the occasional dialogue-based puzzle. And when everyone around is either dead or all talked out, you head back to your ship, the Argo, and sail to the next port to begin the process anew."

You'll love

* Interesting take on Greek Mythology
* The skill tree
* The female character models (yow!)

You'll hate

* Lots of rough edges
* Lousy battle camera
* Untweakable, uncontrollable allies

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