Does The Recent Xbox Leak Really Reveal That The Console Brand Now Hates Discs?

The language used to describe an upcoming Xbox console refresh has physical media fans fearing the worst.

shadowT78d ago

maybe they will release an external drive later?

Futureshark78d ago

"Why need physical discs when you can have....GAMEPASS!!!"

"Still not sure, then let us make the decision for you... there now you can think of it as a Series S Pro".

badz14977d ago

There is already a Series S Pro, it's called the Series X

Godmars29077d ago

Why buy games at all if you have Game Pass.

(Nevermind not all games are on GP, wouldn't be even if available cause we wouldn't pay to keep it all on servers.)

ravens5278d ago

75% of their base owns the S so it makes sense.

john41678d ago

I’m not sure about everyone else but I haven’t bought a physical game during this console generation so far for either of the consoles

RedDevils77d ago

Damn you sure got lot of times lol

shinoff218378d ago (Edited 78d ago )

I usually see more Sony fans interested in actual disc's. Myself included. On the Xbox side we'll according to the 75 percent of xboxs out there are s it would make sense

I've got about 100 ps5 and 100s of ps4

Rimeskeem77d ago

I like buying physical discs after a release when they are on sale. I usually only buy digital when a game releases and I am gamesharing so we split the cost evenly making it cheaper.

Barlos77d ago

All my PS5 games are physical.

I don't like the idea of an all digital future, I think we should always be given that choice.

I_am_Batman77d ago

My decision tree looks something like this:

1. If game releases feature complete and doesn't rely on post-launch patches to fix critical issues -> buy disc version.
2. If game releases with critical issues and/or adds essential features through post-launch updates -> wait for potential release of "complete edition" containing patched build on disc.
3. If physical release is not available -> buy DRM-free version of the game on PC (mostly on gog).
4. If DRM-free version is not available -> look if there's a way to remove DRM manually (PC).
5. If there is no way to get a DRM-free copy of a game, either wait for big discount of the game or skip the game.

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InsaneChronos78d ago

MS hates disks since the reveal of Xbox One.

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