CES 2009: PlayStation Goes to the Ballgame

IGN writes:
Sounds like Sony is swinging for the fences in New York. At CES this year, Howard Stringer took the stage with Reggie Jackson to announce that the new Yankee Stadium will be pairing up with Sony to have PlayStations in every suite. While no additional details were provided based on Stringer's announcement, the partnership would more than likely follow the format of a similar attraction set up at the Washington Nationals Ballpark, which is the first of its kind.

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Raoh4197d ago

where are all the ps3 is dead articles at now?

LOL PS3 is putting in that work....

MegaMohsi4197d ago

wow, that's marketing, putting it in the stadium where the most successful sports franchise plays. Everyone in the world knows who the yankees are

SSCOOLCHEA4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

I can't wait ...So I guess the xbot fanboys will stop being yankee fan than ...

Graphics Whore4197d ago

Big Ol' Killzone 2 flag right in the middle of the diamond lol.

ultimolu4197d ago

Hope they market for Killzone 2 too.