Should you Lie at Hotel Krat in Lies of P?

Wondering if you need to lie at Hotel Krat in Lies of P? We'll walk you through what happens for both choices in this guide.

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Why 2023 Has Been The Year Of The Soulslikes

Elden Ring’s 2022 GOTY award has seemingly caused a surge in Soulslike titles in 2023.

anast16d ago

Were Lies of P, AC6, and Blasphemous made in a year? This is a real question.

AlterRecs16d ago

I doubt Armored Core and Blasphemous were, not sure Lies of P was either

HyperMoused15d ago

They...they were released this year...is what i think its saying

Seraphim15d ago

while I agree the problem likely comes from the text below the headline which states, "Elden Ring’s 2022 GOTY award has seemingly caused a surge in Soulslike titles in 2023."

Elden Rings success had nothing to do with any of these games. They were in development well before Elden Rings success.... it's just a stupid comment on so many different levels. While it's true some developers/publishers seek to capitalize on trends you can't just whip up a competent Soulslike in a matter of 12 months.


Lies of P Review [PSLegends]

Ever since Bloodborne was released in 2015, fans have been eagerly asking for a sequel (or even a PlayStation 5 remake). As of now, From Software has not

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JohnMarble21d ago

It's also great on Steam and Playstation.

Prubar21d ago

True but the only reason I decided to play it was because of gamepass. It was not on my radar at all then seen it pop up. Gave er a download and to my surprise turned out to be amazing. Same with Amnesia the bunker.

jznrpg21d ago

Still haven’t played this as I have so many games to play but I’ll either buy it during Black Friday or sometime during the winter but I’ll get to it. Too many games I want to play release during the same time period every year so I wait on some of them although this game seemed to be worth buying at launch I just have too big of a pile right now.

gold_drake21d ago

i hear ya, im glad i played it when it came out, cause theres just too much that came out this year ha.


Lies of P DLC and sequel announced with free November update additions

The Lies of P director has announced DLC and a sequel are in development and that a free November update is coming.

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Obscure_Observer31d ago

Amazing news for RPG fans!

Lies of P is a great game and its developers deserves the best.

Congratulations goes to both Round 8 Studio and Neowiz!


Best game I’ve played all year. Please being a meaty expansion at some point.

spicelicka29d ago

It's kind of alarming that an update needs to be classified as "free" these days.

Psychonaut8529d ago

Hell yeah! (Potential spoiler) We’re off to see the wizard!!!

gold_drake29d ago


such an amazing game. cant wait for the dlc :)