Spider-Man 2 goes gold

Insomniac Games: "WE ARE GOLD! We're thrilled to share the news ahead of #SpiderMan2PS5's launch on October 20, 2023 with a few words from the game's cast! #BeGreaterTogether"

Felix_Argyle_Catbro73d ago

It's a shame that they made me a fan with the PC versions of Spider-Man 2018 and Miles Morales, but now I would need to spend 600€ to play the 2nd one. By the time it comes to PC it will have been fully spoiled.

Exclusives can't die fast enough.

northpaws73d ago

You are contradicting yourself, if exclusives died, you won't get games in this quality. You love them so much that you want them die, very twisted thinking.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro73d ago

Nonsense. A game being exclusive has nothing to do with the game's quality. It all depends on the team and their effort and skill behind it.

mkis00773d ago

Feliz. You are saying all things being equal a game having to target multiple systems will becthe exact same as if it was targeting 1? That....doesn't make sense. Its literally multiple systems you have to plan for vs 1 exact hardware config.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro73d ago


You are talking about a game's performance optimization. It's easier to make sure the game runs well. That's it. Being exclusive doesn't affect the contents of the game at all. If Sekiro came out as an exclusive it would be the exact same game.

KilluaX373d ago

If Elden Ring was an exclusive game it would be the exact same game it is right now. Exclusivity has nothing to do with a game's quality other than it's almost guaranteed to run at a stable frame rate.

TheViltsuZ73d ago

It has nothing to do with having to target multiple or just one system. It has everything to do with the Sony money that the developers get access to when they pay for them to make a high budget exclusive PlayStation game. If Sony had allowed Insomniac to make the game to multiple platforms then it would be just as high quality, if it has the Sony money behind it.

InUrFoxHole73d ago

Lol. That is the wildest thing I seen someone type in a bit. You're saying that games are made good because they're exclusive? Guess it's not the devs at all but the platform they're tied to

mkis00768d ago (Edited 68d ago )

You are forgetting about the ssd difference which seems to be a big deal...compare starfield's loading to what we saw in the trailers for Spiderman 2. If it isn't possible in the exact same way than something changed because it was on 1 less platform.

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BehindTheRows73d ago

You clearly don’t want the game then.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro73d ago

Because I don't want to spend 600€ to play it? I guess I don't then.

P_Bomb73d ago

Think of it as an investment rather than an expenditure.

CobraKai73d ago

Yes. That’s correct. You don’t want it as badly you make it seem

I wanted Miles Morales I bought a PS5. I wanted Forza Horizon 5 i bought a Series X. I wanted Legend of Zelda I bought a Switch. If you really want it. You’d actually get it.

BehindTheRows72d ago


Uh, yeah. That’s how exclusivity works. Buy the device it’s available on.

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lucasnooker73d ago

To be honest it’s great business… the reason Sony released those titles on PC is to get gamers like yourself to buy the PlayStation for the next title…

Tacoboto73d ago

By the time you became a fan with the PC versions of those games they would've already been spoiled by having released in 2018 and 2020 originally... another contradiction

Vengeance113873d ago

A game being exclusive has everything to do with quality. Would you rather split all your resources between 2-4 other platforms or hyper focus on only 1 to ensure it's the best. Why do you think Sony 1st party games are commonly leaps and bounds ahead of most other games on the market in terms of quality. Ragnarok, Horizon, Spiderman, GT, Returnal... a multiplatform game on everything won't match those.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

What about Red Dead Redemption 2? Resident Evil 4 Remake? Elden Ring? Sekiro? Baldur's Gate 3? Armored Core VI? The list of fantastic high quality multiplatform games goes on.

It has nothing to do with a game being exclusive, it has everything to do with the team behind it. The only thing being exclusive affects is the game's performance optimization. If Sekiro came out as an exclusive it would be the exact same game.

Also, Returnal certainly doesn't belong on that list lol.

Take off your fanboy goggles, they make you say the dumbest crap.

Vengeance113873d ago


Oh boy what a comical list! Perhaps you should heed your own advice and remove your own goggles as all I see in your response is the biggest pile of crap i've seen today.
Going to ignore the rampant performance issues of Elden Ring are we? Took a while to work out those kinks, Red Dead 2? Oh boy lmao, thats cute. Not to mention literally 50% of your list is from the same studio lol

Sit down fool, you're only embarrassing yourself.

TheViltsuZ73d ago

Returnal? That game was being made with or without Sony's interference and it's not any higher quality than the average game that comes out.

Exclusives get access to money from Sony and Microsoft. That's the reason games like God of War are so high quality. It has nothing to do with multiple platforms vs one platform. It's all about the money.

Tacoboto73d ago

@Vengeance Somehow you have an even worse take than Catbro. RDR2, Elden Ring, and Baldur's Gate 3 can each take turns saying how many people think that title is a GOAT.

Vengeance113873d ago

No higher quality than the average game that comes out? Really, thats fascinating, so you're saying the average game constantly is winning a pile of awards? Very interesting, never saw that.

Just the fact that terrible AAA titles exist, instantly proves you wrong. Halo Infinite had all the money backing in the world, was awful. Redfall... beyond terrible. Look at the old PS3 exclusive LAIR, beyond awful, the last Twisted Metal game... no quality. Money is a low factor.

Seraphim73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

being an exclusive does not equate quality. There are an arsenal of reasons and contributing factors that go into any given game that dictate whether it is quality or not. You can spend hundreds of millions of dollars, make the game exclusive, and still come up short on quality. PS Studio games are leaps and bounds ahead of most because they have talented teams, strong leadership, and invest the resources to make it happen. Even then, not all games are created equally. For instance, Days Gone, while solid in it's own right was not as polished or good as most PS studio games. btw I platinumed and loved the game. The Order 1886 was quality, but lacked a gameplay component. MLB The Show is now on XB, does that mean it lacks quality? No, it's still the same great game. I love PS, but to tie exclusivity to quality is asinine.

Crows9073d ago


Returnal is Sony's best exclusive PS5 game to date.

You obviously had a hard time with it or didn't bother.

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Oobah73d ago

I think its easy to avoid spoilers. I still don't know how spider-man 2018 or miles morales ends. I haven't finished any of them

CobraKai73d ago

You just gotta deal. I got a PS5, Series X, Switch. I can get whatever game i want. No use crying about it. It’s there if you want it or just wait. It’s the price you gotta pay as a pc gamer. Just like not having ultra quality graphics is the price i pay for being a console gamer.
Exclusives are better cuz time, energy, money are all focused on one system.

Tody_ZA73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Question: who invested actual money into this game, acquired Insomniac and gave them the resources to grow into one of the best developers in the industry today?

Now tell me again how exclusivity and quality has no relation.

The game gets ported to PC. It's made for PS5.

I have a gaming PC and a PS5 and I ain't crying about it because I'm glad this game exists.

KwietStorm_BLM73d ago

Been gaming a long time. I never seen so many people cry about exclusives, particularly PlayStation games, more than now, after Microsoft ran and cried wolf to everyone who would listen. It's mind boggling.

Crows9073d ago (Edited 73d ago )

A game being exclusive has a lot to do with the games quality. Look at your typical triple A experience. Many of them suck beyond reason. There are outliers but in terms of quality, bugs, and performance...exclusivity helps a lot. Look at Nintendo as well. If they had to optimize some of their games for multiple platforms they'd have a tougher time and we'd see a lot more bugs in their games.

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