More Virtua Fighter 5 vids

We're all still waiting for Virtua Fighter 5's North American release, but IGN has some videos here to fuel our collective patience.

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techie4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

I'm quite impressed by the graphics actually...anyone else? First time we can actually see them in more detail. Some of it looks as good as Fight Night Round 3 - which was awarded for the best graphics this year (stealing it from Gears :( )...


that was one awards ceremony - gears won the rest for graphics

techie4259d ago

uhhhhhhhh! I can't believe you read me as anti-gears!!!?? I put a sad face after 'stealing it from gears!' STEALING IT! As in it shouldn't have happened. Though I would like to admit that the graphics of the characters in Fight Night3 are astonishing and that was a reason for referencing it to refer to VF5 wrestlers.

Anybody and everybody just LOOK at the character models - look at the water physics with the two ladies - compare to DOA4 with they're lame snow effects, and their low-polygon tree (speaking from just watching the trailers)

NOTE: not an attack on the 360 - just trying to state that this is the best looking fighter on any system and will look like that on your 360.


Cant wait to get this game on 360

acetw1n4259d ago

anybody notice thats king from tekken on the picture

TheMART4259d ago

The graphics don't impress me like I thought they would.

If everyone is fair, even the XBOX 1 DOA3 is on par with this one. DOA4 looks better.

So I guess it's all in the gameplay???

spacetoilet4259d ago

No, these graphics are allot more advanced than even the 360 DOA but the Art design is way better on Tecmo games thats true. But look at the lighting on the character models, and the mouth detail on vocals etc. It's definitely the most advanced 3d fighter in the visual department. But not necessarily the 'best' looking.

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The story is too old to be commented.