Bach: Blu-Ray Isn't Wanted By Xbox Consumers

Robbie Bach, president of the Entertainment and Devices division at Microsoft, responding to a question asking when and if the Xbox 360 would adopt Blu-ray technology, said that there were "a lot of reasons" why the company has no plans to do so–chiefly, low consumer demand.

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hitthegspot4202d ago

I wonder if this statement “We can’t have publishers produce games on Blu-ray disc. Because then they won’t play on the 28 million Xboxes we’ve already shipped. So it doesn’t help us in the core gaming space,” means they are considering it for the Xbox720.

Saint Sony4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

That's stupid to make statements like that when it's clearly bullshit.

I do agree that maybe 360 users don't wish blu-ray drive for 360, but I'm sure many likes it for the HD movies.

marinelife94202d ago

They weren't concerned about the core gamers when they released the HD-DVD movie player add on. What would be the problem with a Blu-Ray movie player add on?

eagle214202d ago

Just the usual BS from MS. :)

Dread4202d ago

well at the moment i don't need and/or want a blue-ray player so i agree. if ms makes an add on and it is competitively priced and good quality i would not have any issues what so ever.

however, eventually i am buying a playstation 3, so ms adding blue ray capabilities is completely irrelevant to me.


Chuck Norris4202d ago

They're happy with HD-DVD and living in denial.

TheExecutive4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

Unless the 720 is digital distribution only I dont see that they have a choice in going blu on their next console.

@ KewlKat

Ya, if you dont have a 47" TV or above and you sit further than 5 feet from your TV it doesnt matter much. However, I have a 61" and there is a noticable difference...

kewlkat0074202d ago

oooooh...aaahhh here is a COOKIE thanks for sharing, as if.

I have yet to buy BD movies becaus eof pricing so I haven't needed it really. I do download lots of movies and 1080p while looking good is not a big deal for me right now. I have no problems 720p and Streaming videos I download.

iHEARTboobs4202d ago

That's BS. I mean, have you guys seen Planet Earth on Blu-ray in full 1080p goodness? God damn, it's sexy! 300 anyone? Dark Knight? Whatever, those in denial can keep upscaling and pretend it's just as good as Blu-ray.

Aclay4202d ago

I really don't see why someone wouldn't want Blu-ray if they had the option.

Saying that you don't want Blu-ray to me is like saying, "I don't want HDTV's" because HDTV's and Blu-ray go hand-in-hand, and I'm glad the PS3 already has it built in.

When I first bought my PS3 I had no intentions of ever buying Blu-ray DVD's, but I've been buying all of my movies only on Blu-ray since June 08', and since I wanted to get the most out of my HDTV, Blu-ray was the obvious choice.

I really don't see why so many Xbox fans and Microsoft denies Blu-ray because it is the future format whether they like it or not.

MasFlowKiller4202d ago

doesn't PSN have video On demand?

Bill4202d ago

Sony's decision to include Blu-ray in the Playstation 3 is because we believed in the format from the beginning. It wasnt about some console war. They features we've inlcuded in it, the price point we came out with, the decision to let 3rd party exclusives go multiplat is all based on Sony. We didnt try and rush our product out the door, we didnt try buy our way into second place. Sony worries about Sony. We wanted our consumers to have a high quality product that lasts and that supports the newest HD format.

callahan094202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

Their reasoning is most certainly NOT lack of demand. Remember the HD-DVD player Microsoft made and told their consumers that they wanted? Well, HD-DVD never had a fraction of the consumer demand that Blu-Ray currently has, not even at its peak popularity. Think about that a moment. According to MS, when they were peddling an HD-DVD player, their consumers wanted it... but now that Blu-Ray is the de facto HD disc format, and it's got much more demand from the general consuming public than HD-DVD ever had, Xbox consumers don't demand any high-def disc format anymore?

Milky Joe4202d ago

Speaking of which, do y'all remember when everyone was saying that Blu-Ray was doomed and putting it in PS3 was a complete waste of time?

Just thought I'd remind everyone that Sony do seem to actually know what they're doing.

Back on topic though, a Blu-Ray add on would be a good thing for 360 owners. It's always good to have options.

Sheddi4202d ago

Been talkin' to fanboys ehh?

Kleptic4202d ago

there is some pretty cryptic marketing behind BD for the 360...joe consumer would be a bit confused if MS offered a BD external drive for the 360, when he realizes the PS3 has it built in...and when the PS3 gets a price cut to at or around the price of a 360 becomes obvious where the value a BD drive simply couldn't be offered for the 360 for less than $150 right now...making the cheapest BD equipped 360 at $350...

if could possibly hurt them...I understand the notion of choice that MS always screams about...but an external drive for the 360 would inadvertently advertise the fact that every PS3 has it built in...

the 720 will have it without question...the 360 won' can't be used for games on the 360 (no matter what any screaming idiot tells you; it IS good for games)...and would only give Sony more loyalty payments...and hurt their deal with netflix...him telling his user base that 'you don't want it' is just back peddling to avoid responsibility for the poor decision they made over 4 years ago...

Rofflecopter4202d ago

well they're full of crap. my roommate only owns an xbox, and rarely plays my playstation. he also laughs at me for having both. but still, he has said he wont buy a 720 unless it has bluray. so MS, do more research.

Elven64202d ago

I could see why, if they released a add on tomorrow their would be no demand since for the same price of the drive you can probably pick yourself up a standalone player, the HD DVD drive is a prime example, it sold just over 300K while standalone players were doing laps around it in terms of sales.

The "games" argument isn't valid, if that were the case publishers would have released games on HD DVD when it was still around, which would have been pretty cool they see how they run and stuff.

deeznuts4202d ago

Nobody has the nuts to bring up HD-DVD as a follow up question? I swear, sports journalists need to become tech journalists so we can get some hard hitting interviews.

BattleAxe4202d ago

Microsoft's pride is going to bring them down when they release the XBOX 720. They have no real plan after the 360.

IdleLeeSiuLung4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

To be fair, the HD-DVD player sales weren't that great considering it was a fairly cheap (at the time) add-on. I couldn't care less about HD-DVD and only bought one because it cost me $20 with 6 movies!

I own 1 Blu-Ray movie and that is "Enter the Dragon", because Bruce Lee kicks ass! So do I care about Blu-Ray? Not really. I want games and more games. If I want Blu-Ray and didn't have a PS3, I would buy a PS3 or a standalone player for $200. Sure Blu-Ray movies look great and it is a nice feature, but I don't want to pay significantly extra for it. Next thing I know, a quality blu-ray player will be $50 just like DVD now.

From a gaming standpoint, MS will not divide the current market into two. One that can play "better" games on Blu-Ray and the other not. So adding a blu-ray player now makes no sense. Bach statement makes perfect sense from a consumer view as well as business.

FrankenLife4201d ago

Why couldn't I see it before. The answer to HD movies is a compressed video file with a lower resolution. It is so clear to me now.

OmegaFool4201d ago

Blu-Ray looks like DVD

Gears 2 looks better than KillZone 2


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Breakfast4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

....infact the choice to leave out an hd format on the xbox, is the reason why its in second place in the console wars right now.

- lower price
- they got it out the door one year earlier

Smart choice if you ask me. dvd games are just as good as blu-ray games. lol metacritic even proves that theyre better. I wouldnt call that retarded.

You may now rain down on me, from disagree heaven :)

Pennywise4202d ago

Breakfast, let me get this straight....

You think leaving a HD format out of a HD gaming console was a smart choice?

TheExecutive4202d ago

Good thing only fanboys and stockholders care about console wars... how many stock options do you have in either Sony or MS?

Gue14202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

yeah, and look how reliable it is....

"dvd games are just as good as blu-ray games. lol metacritic even proves that theyre better."

the discs? are you nuts? lol

\You're losing the touch BF.

Genesis54202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

Yeah really intelligent. A high def console with standard def storage media. As for being in 2nd place don't worry by the end of this gen it will be solidly in 3rd due to lack of foresight.

Dread4202d ago

i agree that 360 owners are missing out on hd movies, but this is a gaming console, and at the moment i have not seen any evidence that blue ray improves games.


u r completely right, it was a good business decision to go with dvd. blue ray cost Playstation market shares. as a business decision so far it has proven very beneficial.

perhaps Playstation is a better value, but since i do not need or want blue ray, then the 360 is a better option for me, and for many gamers. (obviously here at this sony centric community of n4g people cannot tolerate anyone who does not drink the blue ray cool aid, so that explains all your disagrees breakfast, and all the ones i will probably get.)


Breakfast4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

....did you not read any of my points?

This why i troll, this site is incapable of arguing lol.

I dont care about console wars, im just arguing on the side of logic. And it was logical in a business aspect, to leave out the hd format.

"Yeah really intelligent. A high def console with standard def storage media."

Prove to me that blu-ray games are better. 1 blu-ray disc, 4 compressed dvds. What does it matter, if you get the same game? You gonna minus points for efficiency? lol

"As for being in 2nd place don't worry by the end of this gen it will be solidly in 3rd due to lack of foresight."

Then theyll release the xbox 720 with blu-ray or something better. Whats the problem? They wouldve already had their stab at the market share they wanted.

Biggest post ever...

"My question to you Breakfast was in direct relation to your LACK of logic. HD console without HD media format."

Xbox games run in hd just like bluray games. HD format, only means more storage space, which you can achieve by compression and multiple discs. So i dont see the point in your argument. Maybe youre talking about

Marceles4202d ago

...I'm surprised people still try to argue with him lol. He looks at the title and finds the worst thing you can possibly say to make fanboys mad and get the most disagrees. You guys fall for it everytime.

And I agree with what 1.5 said.

Chuck Norris4202d ago

"I dont care about console wars, im just arguing on the side of logic. And it was logical in a business aspect, to leave out the hd format."

I agree with you on this one, the 360 is indeed non-HD.

Pennywise4202d ago

My question to you Breakfast was in direct relation to your LACK of logic. HD console without HD media format. Think about it... take your time.

I am not a stock holder or looking at it from a business standpoint. Just the point that you made no sense.

Anon19744202d ago

They aren't just putting the same game on 4 DVD's, they're putting them on one DVD and compressing the hell outta it. Compression becomes the issue. With Blu-Ray you don't have to have the heavy compression on textures, audio, etc. Less compression equals less strain on the processor and better audio which then equals the processor is freed up to do other things. We're starting to see games now drift apart in quality between the PS3 and 360 (see KZ2 or Heavy Rain) as developers start to utilize the system strengths more - and the advantages in Blu-Ray are becoming apparent.

Bladestar4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

"You think leaving a HD format out of a HD gaming console was a smart choice? " boy... the lack of understanding about technology is huge here...

What does HD Games have to do with HD gaming? I mean... isn't Warhawk distributed via download and even better... didn't we all have HD on computers for many years... and yet... how many of us have blu-ray players on our PCs?

Also, how many xbox 360 are in HD and they are not in blu-ray...

Sony fans try to Mary Blu-ray and the word HD as if they were the same thing.

Well they are not... because I can put HD content in a Hard drive, CD, DVD or even a memory stick.

So, yes... Microsoft made a smart decision on NOT USING Blu-ray...

for the following reasons:

* Xbox 360 would launch at $600-$700.
* Microsoft have no gain since they do not collect royalties for blu-ray.
* They would have to pay royalties for using blu-ray.
* They would have to add a hard drive because of mandatory installs... because of blu-ray existing read speed.
* It would be delayed.

I mean I can go on and on... how it would of be a very stupid idea... but that does not matter... there are easy ways to tell who made the right choice...

Who's on 3rd this generation?

Now, if things have not gone very well for Sony who's not paying for blu-ray royalties... have the manufacturing capabilities for blu-ray.... had a huge brand awareness and fanbase... imagine how bad it would of be for the xbox 360!

The only reason why Sony fans suggest that Microsoft should of add a blu-ray player to the xbox 360 is because it would of guaranteed the PS3 would beat winning... Microsoft would still be losing on the hardware... and probably would be the most expensive console... not to mention not have the 1 launched advantage...

Pennywise4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

Oh lord and here comes bladestar.

Blade, can you argue that putting more textures and info on a disc will not make the picture look better? Compression is not the answer.

With HD games - The size of the games get bigger, meaning you need to have more space to store this information.

So, what you are telling me is: Having a bigger MEDIUM (WHICH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE QUALITY) is not beneficial to a HD game? If they are squeezing all of this data onto a smaller disc to make better lighting, textures, animations, and so forth... it will directly affect the length of the game. It will lessen the amount of content that you can put on the disc. So that leaves you with two options: 1)Shorten your game or 2) Use multiple discs. Either option SUCKS. Bluray = more storage space = less compressed data and theoretically longer games with more content.

I know you are just trolling me. I know you will break out price points and sales numbers and tell us how superior LIVE is... but you are avoiding the point - MORE STORAGE IS A GOOD THING and the best solution for a true high def. console.

Not everyone on this site cares about "Who is winning". I own a PS3 and it has the exclusives that I want. I could care less if Sony sells one more console as long as I am getting my games.

Elven64202d ago

To the commenters that stated otherwise,

DVD is a HD "medium" Microsoft and DivX proved it by released both WMV HD DVD and Divx HD DVD discs before HD DVD and Blu Ray were released, they were successfully and really helped "quench" the wait for the newer formats.

Tiberium4202d ago

ALL games require compression to decrease loading time. Bluray has it's pluses and minuses when it comes to games like dvd does. Bluray is the reason why you have to install portions on your hard drive, because it just doesn't stream data as fast as the 360's dvd drive. All that extra space would be good for 7.1 surround sound and 1080p. But the cell isn't strong enough to have all their games at native 1080p. It can do GT5P at 1080p, but a racing game doesn't put the kind strain KZ2 or MGS4 does when you have a whole battlefield in view.

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shadowghost7524202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

What a load of crap, of course consumers want blu-ray, that is why they sell blu-ray films idiot. They are just too far up their own backsides to admit that they were wrong about HD-DVD

Robbie Bach = tosser


Dark_Vendetta4202d ago

Sure I agree. I have a 360 (finally a new one :) ), but I also own a Bluray player and I bought over 12 BD Discs over the last half year.

Forbidden_Darkness4202d ago

of course why would any xbox owner want a 360 blu-ray player, when they could go out and buy a PS3?

Helghast Slayer4202d ago

Um yeah because hd-dvd failed to beat blu ray and also the 360 uses an old gen disk tray. 360 owners won't settle for a blu ray add on and i'm sure Microsoft would not want to pay Sony a large sum of royalties to use they "future" proof medium. Talk about brainwashed sheep's.

Helghast Slayer4202d ago

If i was an xbox360 owner i'd be very upset having a baboon talk for me. That statement makes even the dumbest turd seem smarter.