10 New Year's resolutions for Nintendo Wii

Gamepro: Welcome to 2009! It's a New Year, which means New Year's Resolutions, which usually means following up a few good days of boozing and partying with weeks of wallowing in your own poor self-esteem. Of course, if you're feeling pretty good about yourself, well, your New Year's Resolution tends to be something stupid like "Eat more roughage" or "Floss regularly" that is not really addressing any major problems of yours that might exist.

Nintendo, for instance, has to be flyin' high right now. Since I don't have to deal with the contact high of having sold four million new consoles in two months, I figure I'm as qualified as anybody to tell Nintendo what its New Year's Resolutions for 2009 oughta be.

10. Make the Wii software library more like the DS software library.
9. Get more Western developers making Wii games.
8. Take the Shopping Channel seriously.
7. Don't be afraid to let Mario and Zelda take a rest.
6. Keep pushing the envelope.
5. Don't be afraid to step up and publish.
4. Stop ignoring complaints.
3. Keep ignoring the haters.
2. Build new franchises and resurrect forgotten ones.
1. Streamline the Wi-Fi Connection.

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Product4198d ago

My biggest complaint is friend codes.I really wish they could make friend codes a parental control option rather then a feature that must always be on.
Besides that i feel this year for the wii will be the best year for it so far.