Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Casts Doubt on Massive Leak: "So Much Has Changed"

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has cast doubt on the massive leak of documents and plans from Micosoft's litigation against the FTC, mentioning that they're old and "so much has changed" since, also promising to share the "real plans" in due time.

Antnee53479d ago

I wouldn't believe this man. He is a pr guy and he will lie with every word said.

repsahj78d ago

hahaha. That's a good one. Lies of Phil to be exact.

Obscure_Observer78d ago

"Lies of P?"

Lmao! That´s a good one. XD

lelo2play79d ago

The leaks are from 2020 and before. A lot can change in 3 years.

... but you are free to believe in whatever or whoever you want to believe.

Nitrowolf279d ago

Sure a lot, but plenty that has happened since then and outlined there has happened

A lot of this stuff was presented as a pitch in ways to outline their pipework to investors and other internals. Sure things change, but you don't make this big of a pitch unless your going to follow through

Jin_Sakai79d ago

“The leaks are from 2020 and before. A lot can change in 3 years.”

It’s the same old same old. You guys never learn and that’s why Xbox is where it’s at today.

TheCaptainKuchiki79d ago

Many elements are as recent as 6 months ago. Stop lying

lelo2play79d ago


The leaks are from 2024 and 2025.
Are you happy now?

DigitallyAfflicted78d ago

Then just look at official Xbox agenda from 2020 and compare it to what's in the emails, Phil's job is a PR and he is doing it.

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Obscure_Observer78d ago

"He is a pr guy and he will lie with every word said."

When he said he would invest in games and new studios back in 2017, people mocked him and call him a liar.

And now those same individuals are scared to death that he might acquire everything.

You see, people has a choice on what they want to believe. But people are not really prepared to deal with reality when things do not turn out as they hoped.

Crows9078d ago (Edited 78d ago )

You just said it....

Invest in games and new studios...he hasn't invested in new studios or new games.

Old studios and old IP.

All he has succeeded in doing this far is remove games from the competitors platform.

78d ago
Samonuske78d ago

There hasn't been any new talent/studios or anything new that wouldn't already exist without Microsoft. all they did is buy the rights and the company's that actually made stuff that Microsoft for years has failed to do with it's own studios. You just ate up PR speak and take it at face value. lol


My god you people are relentless. Changing plans is NOT a lie. If he says things have changed I’m pretty sure things have changed. Either way you probably don’t own a Xbox so why even care? You’re a fool if you think ANYONE who leads the companies are going to tell you 100% truth. Either way a new redesigned Series X seems to be coming and that’s all that matters…

IRetrouk78d ago

A discless x that cost the same as the disc version, that only sells to 25% of the fanbase is all that matters? I think you mean the revamped s that's coming, seeing as that's ms main console.

fr0sty78d ago

"I'll take "Damage Control" for $1000, Alex."

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isarai79d ago

🤣🤣🤣 bro the price hike was 1yr ago, what could possibly change so much? What a terrible liar

VenomUK79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

“ Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Casts Doubt on Massive Leak”.

That headline is incorrectly using the English language by saying Phil Spencer ‘casts doubt’ as that means he doubts the validity of the leak. In fact, he actually CONFIRMED the leak but said the information may be out of date.

dumahim78d ago

Thank you. Yeah, that headline made no sense.

jesujohn79d ago

What else you want him to do except damage control?

isarai79d ago

Produce and release quality 1st party titles

Crows9078d ago

This is Xbox you're talking about. It's about content not quality.

-Foxtrot79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

In the email leak from 2019 they said this

“The email, sent to Xbox exec Tim Stuart, has publicly surfaced now during Microsoft's ongoing courtroom battle with the US Federal Trade Commission over its proposed $68.7bn Activision Blizzard buyout. In it, Booty encourages Xbox to make further acquisitions to bolster Game Pass and compete with Sony.

"We (Microsoft) are in a very unique position to be able to go spend Sony out of business," Booty wrote, in reference to planned spending of spending $2-3bn in 2020 to avoid competitors getting ahead.“

They later did the same thing Phil his doing here and said the email was old, plans had changed.

Yet in 2020, the year Microsoft was covering in their email, they bought Zenimax and most recently Activision…

Did that sound like their plans had changed?

My point is don’t believe Phil and his lies, the plans haven’t changed and if they did, then it’s not by much.

They just got caught out plain and simple. Now he’s doing his typical PR stuff to save face.

Sonic188179d ago

One thing we do know for sure is that Phil Spencer is a liar 🤔

Majin-vegeta79d ago

Doesnt matter wether something changed or not.People now see the scumbag you are.

ThinkThink79d ago

What did he do or say that made you think he was a scumbag?

__SteakDeck__79d ago

@Think Think Lol. You can’t be serious.

repsahj78d ago

You have a double think name, use that.