When you switch between Miles and Peter, you'll see the other swinging around town

You'll see Peter Parker doing his thing while swinging around as Miles Morales, and vice-versa in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

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repsahj81d ago

I know right? so you basically can follow the other one and watch him do his thing around the city? So cool indeed!

anast81d ago

Good to see someone making actual games these days.

glennhkboy80d ago

This feature was invented in GTA 5. Just let you know.

just_looken80d ago

Grand theft auto san andreas n 2004 was the first if you got a launch pc version its 80% there simple mod enables it switch between cj and cesar

isarai81d ago

Wonder if you can chase them 🤔

CobraKai81d ago

It’s crazy how Insomniac became the peak developer. Honestly their games are so good and so polished. Things like this and even the subway ride for fast travel on PS4 were little details that added so much.

Tody_ZA81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

It's called vision and investment. Compare Insomniac before Sony's acquisition to after. They were a solid studio before, now they're one of the world's best making one of PlayStation's biggest system sellers.

That's what this industry needs.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Sony is keeping tight lipped on its other titles to give all the attention to Spider-Man, because there's just no way Sucker Punch, Naughty Dog's new single player IP, Media Molecule, Housemarque, and the rest are just idling. Santa Monica and Guerrilla Games are probably still a long way from revealing any new projects. And we already know Wolverine is next from Insomniac.

CobraKai81d ago

Yeah. Hearing absolutely nothing from Naughty Dog, who i thought was the peak dev before insomniac took over, and Sucker Punch is highly suspect, or “sus”. GG is probably hard at work for the next Horizon game and still supporting the last one so im not surprised if they haven’t announced anything. Im hoping ND isnt just gonna reveal TLOU 3.

Tody_ZA80d ago

The news indicated that Naughty Dog was working on a new IP so I doubt it's The Last of Us Part 3. Naughty Dog usually has 4 to 6 year development cycles so they're into their new game.

Ghost of Tsushima came out 3 years ago so it's likely Sucker Punch are neck deep in their new project - I would estimate a release by 2025.

Bluepoint are also working on their next game, it's been 3 years since Demon's Souls.

Many of Sony's studios released massive games in the first half of the generation so it's going to take time to hit the next wave.

glennhkboy80d ago

You know this same feature was invented in GTA5, right?

Tody_ZA80d ago (Edited 80d ago )


1) We're not talking about the feature, we're talking about how Insomniac grew from being a solid, decent developer to one of the best.

2) Not sure what point you think you're making. We all know GTA5 was ambitious and amazing for its time to pull this off, no one is saying Spider-Man 2 invented it. But GTA5 required loading and compromised graphics to achieve it. Spider-Man 2 does it with almost no loads and high fidelity visuals including ray tracing, which is obviously an upgrade. And people are excited because they thought when you're playing as one Spidey the other would not be in the game world.

You guys need to get quality of life improvements through your head. Spider-Man was perfectly possible on PS4 but it required lengthy loads to enter and exit bases, fast travel loads, compromised visuals and 30fps. On PS5 there's almost no loading, the world is seamlessly travelled through and performance and graphics are peaked. It's obviously better.

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__SteakDeck__80d ago

@CobraKai ND is the peak dev at PS. All of their games get 93+ Meta, and dominate GOTY awards. When was the last time Insomniac got a 90+ Meta game that won GOTY? The reason why ND takes so long to make their games just like Rockstar, is because they’re among the most quality and detailed games in the industry.

CobraKai80d ago

I don’t vest in metacritic. I feel like Insomniac tends to have a more varied portfolio of games. Spider-Man became my favorite game on the PS4 and Ratchet and Clank on PS5 looks rivals CGI movies. Don’t get me wrong, Uncharted 4 was a masterpiece as was the 2 TLOUs, but maybe if their next game is something completely different, they’ll be the top again.

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Spider-Man 2 Not Winning Anything At TGA '23 Proves Insomniac Played It Too Safe

Despite several nominations, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 did not win a single award at TGA 2023.

ApocalypseShadow2d ago

Ridiculous. It was games like Balder's Gate and Zelda's to lose being realistic about it. They garnered a huge amount of popularity this year. And games like Alan Wake returned and hit it out the park. But it doesn't take away from Spider-Man 2's reviews or record breaking sales from being a high quality game. It's a game that gives you more Spider-Man to enjoy. And voting is subjective. Games get snubbed. Just like Harry Potter did just recently.

Played it safe. What? You wanted Peter Porker in it? Ice Man and Fire Star? Every known Spider-Man in the Spider verse? Aunt May web slinging from the rooftops? They could add tons of characters from the comics that Peter Parker interacts with. Still doesn't mean they would win an award.

It wins by being a high quality game for Insomniac being a consistent developer who delivers them.

crazyCoconuts2d ago

I agree, they can't and shouldn't vary too much from the formula. It's already perfected in many ways. And it's not designed to be a 50 hour Zelda game that's been in development for like 5 years- of course Zelda will win. But Insomniac can crank these out every couple of years and make Marvel and Marvel fans happy

AdonisIsBeast2d ago

How is it that Zelda was in development for the same amount of time, yet provided gamers with 5 times more quality content

Tollieneus9h ago


Maybe use your brain and figure that one out yourself. Hint: 2 different games with 2 different visions

neutralgamer19921d 21h ago

By the years end it will be the best selling game of the year. That’s the award Sony and insomniac cares about

itsmebryan1d 15h ago

You really think Spiderman 2 will outsell COD, a game that sales on 3 platforms (PS5, Xbox, and PC)?

Petebloodyonion1d 18h ago

Totally agree with you on this Shadow!

sparky772d ago

There were just better games that deserved the awards more than Spiderman, hopefully Sony takes note and ups their game.

phoenixwing2d ago

Zelda only gets mentioned because of its cultists who literally meltdown if it's not praised 247

InUrFoxHole2d ago

No man. Zelda is just a better game.