The massive Xbox leak is not the fault of the FTC - It was Microsoft who made a mistake

We are experiencing an information earthquake. The legal battle between Microsoft and the FTC over the purchase of Activision Blizzard has required the analysis of confidential Xbox documents, emails and reports; a fairly common practice in legal cases. This information almost never leaves the court as it is sensitive and classified data, but an error has caused the massive leak of many Redmond plans to grow in the video game sector. How has this happened? Well, after many rumors and theories, it turns out that It was Microsoft itself who was wrong when sharing these files during litigation.

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Jin_Sakai70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

“Microsoft's AI research team accidentally exposed a large cache of private data on the software development platform GitHub, according to new research from a cybersecurity firm“

Microsoft always screwing up somehow. Good to see all this BS leak though.

-Foxtrot70d ago

You know what I find funny, something no one has even mentioned yet…how the actual f*** did Microsoft get approved by the FTC when the documents that have leaked show Microsoft as super power hungry

Who approves something when they are talking about things like WB, Valve and especially Nintendo as their end goal.

It’s insane. Like if Microsoft was hiding all this fine but when the FTC and god knows who else in other countries know this by these documents why approve it like it was nothing.

It just seems super off to me.

70d ago
Futureshark70d ago

And now the court of public opinion shall make their judgement.....

Phil Spencer & co are a bunch of shysters.

TheKingKratos70d ago

Is that all ?!

What do you think about Phil own words ?! ...is he still good guy to you guys after all this shit ?!

lelo2play70d ago


So much hate! Did Phil touch you?

I was being sarcastic about the intern, but users on N4G are too (**Insert word here**) to understand it.

Rocketisleague69d ago

This happens more often than you would think. Its actually very easy to fknup pushing stuff to public github without knowing what you're doing.

We once had juniors pushing their password to public github as we were migrating from RTC to github. Security team was riled up like nothing else.

Funny to see people blame a whole company. Its normally a mess up of a few individuals pr processes. The larger the company the more.likely things squeeze through the cracks.

Anyone with development experience will know what I'm talking about. The amount of crazy Security flaws I've seen this year alone makes me wonder how the world hasn't fallen apart yet

VariantAEC68d ago

You'd think MS would figure out how their own platforms work by now?

Github is owned by MS.

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XiNatsuDragnel70d ago

Microsoft is messing up somehow imo.

Jin_Sakai70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Thanks for stating the obvious.

Outside_ofthe_Box70d ago

"this is the biggest Xbox leak in history. Bigger than the Fortaleza leak that detailed the Xbox One, simply because this includes Microsoft’s hardware and platform strategy, unredacted internal communications, and more. You don’t usually see this much leak"


isarai70d ago

Well keep em coming, watching Phil damage control at the level of a toddler is hilarious 😂

cammers199569d ago

He's gonna act like a toddler when the consequences hit Microsoft so hard they fire phil.

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Xbox CFO Discusses Opportunities with AI, how Microsoft Measures Its Success in Games, and More

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crazyCoconuts7h ago

"Stuart explains that Xbox's mission is to bring its first-party experiences and subscription services to every screen that can play a game.
That means smart TVs. That means mobile devices. That means what we would have thought as competitors in the past, like PlayStation and Nintendo."

phoenixwing6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

Third party train has arrived in the station. Ready to depart console business when next gen happens.

Basically microsoft is ditching xbox asap and going all in with gamepass

Brazz1m ago

This realy feels like Xbox is ready to become third party. Not necessarily kill Xbox consoles, but kill exclusivity.