505 Games Announces Showcase For The Tokyo Game Show

Lots of interesting stuff ahead. Leading video game publisher 505 Games continues its support of live events with a showfloor presence for Nivalis at its own dedicated booth. 505 Games will also host an online showcase at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

RhinoGamer8873d ago

505 games has a TERRIBLE track record with game publishing. Leadership is sub-par.


Prime Gaming Reveals December 2023 Offerings

Prime Gaming December Content Update

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The Epic Game Store Has Two Freebies This Week

The Epic Game Store has two free titles they are giving away this week.

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Minute Man 7217h ago

Got them both to play with my kids


Atari's re-focus on retro

Atari has been considered a retro brand for decades now, but it hasn't always leaned into that designation. CEO Wade Rosen explains how the company's recent investments and acquisitions fit into the bigger picture.

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darthv721d 6h ago

wow... had no idea they were getting that deep into acquisitions. Hopefully they crank out more new ideas on some old classics.

Snookies121d 6h ago (Edited 1d 5h ago )

Still remember my old 14" TV with the Atari sticker I had on it, haha... The sticker came with Unreal Tournament 2004 and I just had to slap that bad boy on my enormous beast of a display.

I would like to see Atari getting back into the gaming scene though. We could use some old blood stepping back into the ring these days.

QuantumMechanic12h ago

But this "Atari" is just a holdings company that bought the Atari name many years ago. They have no relation to the original company.

darthv7211h ago

the Atari of old is long gone. This new Atari is looking to resurrect the image while also embracing modern / retro vibes.