Microsoft May Exit Gaming Business If GP Subscribers off Console Don't Increase Enough by 2027

Microsoft's Phil Spencer said in testimony that the company may exit its gaming business if Game Pass subscribers off consoles don't increase a lot by fiscal year 2027.

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Vits2d ago

Yeah, hopefully, we don't see that happening.
Otherwise, we will get "Sony's you need two jobs to afford this back".

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blackblades2d ago

Last time it was they might be leaving the console business and maybe be 3rd party like Sega. Which would be a better option in IMO considering the studios they have now. Sell the games on PlayStation, Nintendo and steam, as well cloud gaming on other devices

bloop2d ago

I've been thinking this myself. How long can they keep pumping all this cash into Xbox and Gamepass with no real return? They'd be much better off becoming 3rd party and getting their games, and even GP, on as many devices, including competitors consoles at this stage.

blackblades1d 21h ago

Those leaked documents showed how much it cost or could cost for a game to be on game pass. It's kinda expensive from the looks of it.

Palitera1d 16h ago

They have nearly infinite money, enough to knock a competitor like Sony out of the market.
That’s how long.

bloop1d 3h ago (Edited 1d 3h ago )

I didn't mean that in a literal sense Palitera. Business is business and it doesn't matter how much they have in the bank. They're in this more than 2 decades now, spanning 4 generations and have only had relative success with one console, the 360, which was partly due to the PS3 release being delayed multiple times. They've finished last every time so someone's going to pull the plug eventually. Snapping up all these publishers and developers is a desperate last move in trying to stay in the game. They'd be better off going 3rd party at this rate, unless Series consoles literally start flying off shelves.

FinalFantasyFanatic1d 2h ago

I don't think they even want to be in the hardware business, although it's strange they make so many Xbox controllers (but they also make for good PC/Steam controllers as well).

jeromeface1d ago (Edited 1d ago )

@palitera what a foolish take @bloop you think MS doesnt want GP on ps5? LOL

blacktiger3h ago

last time was a rumor, this one is coming from phil spencer

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crazyCoconuts2d ago

Is having them still in business, but NOT buying up the entire gaming industry an option? That's what I want...

-Foxtrot2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

To be fair people always go on about that quote from Sony in the wrong way

They didn’t say it in a way like “tough shit, get two jobs if you want it” it was “this thing is so good you’ll WANT to get two jobs” . Still cocky as f*** but no where near as bad.

GamerRN1d 23h ago

..... it's just as bad.

Popsicle1d 22h ago (Edited 1d 22h ago )

It was a comment filled with hubris and it haunted them at the beginning and near the middle of gen 7.

Kayser811d 13h ago

oh it was bad like here is a quote from ken kutaragi :
(On PS3's price) "It's probably too cheap."
(On PS3's price) "We want consumers to think to themselves 'I will work more hours to buy one.'"
yeah it was bad and they have learned their lesson , that same with microsoft with xbox one and nintendo with the WIIU .
and the reason is because of the competition .

StarkR3ality1d 23h ago (Edited 1d 23h ago )


Wish more people thought like you. The same people complaining about Xbox buying up the industry are the same people who would happily see Xbox gone and Playstation the only option. It's laughable.

Less competition = Worse deal for gamers.

Popsicle1d 22h ago (Edited 1d 22h ago )

It baffles me that gamers do not understand the importance of competition. Granted I see Microsoft’s vision for gaming as dystopian for consumers, but without competition, Sony would have less incentive to provide the absolute best content and services. There would be nothing to keep their decision making in check from a consumer perspective.

I wish Microsoft would revert back to the OG Xbox and 360 days because I do not see their current vision of having gamers own nothing and rent everything as being desirable or sustainable.

StarkR3ality1d 21h ago

Agreed, I don't even own an Xbox but to say they shouldn't be in business is stupid, Sony have already showed this gen and the PS3 gen what overconfidence does to a corporation.

There's an air of arrogance about them that I simply do not like, that would be worse by tenfold if Xbox wasn't in the picture, you can take that to the bank.

shinoff21831d 18h ago

Stark, what has Sony done this Gen that's arrogant

Huey_My_D_Long17h ago(Edited 17h ago)

I don't agree with your first sentences at all, although the last one is on point. . I have a PC and PS5, been a playstation gamer since PS1. I don't want MS to get out because competition is good for both companies... but the tactic of buying up the industry itself is an anticompetitive tactic.
What will happen to the majority of the studios if MS does leave? How many can sell off and which studios will have to be closed down.
...Although I will say Embracer group is far more problematic for the gaming industry right now than MS...Selling with MS, you have at least a couple years...Embracer will buy you and shut you down within a year.

Huey_My_D_Long17h ago

Love PS, but you are not lying. The arrogance in PS3 days was the worst. and I do think Sony would return to it if they didnt have any competitors..I know nintendo, but they are just too different for Sony to progress because of them

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PhillyDonJawn1d 19h ago

Facts when 1 remain we all lose.

MrBaskerville1d 12h ago

If ms leaves, Amazon, Apple or Google will step in.

jeromeface23h ago

apple would push thing forward hard but charge you a car price to do it.

WelkinCole1d 9h ago

Every shitty business strategy we have had in gaming is because of MS.

The best gaming console generations (PS1,PS2) is when Sony was the most dominant

So no

Miraak82 1d 3h ago (Edited 1d 3h ago )

That's how I've always felt , I mean steam basically dominates the pc market and Nintendo has handhelds and no one seems to have a problem with it . Why do people feels like Sony always has to have a competitor in the console space , out of all the gaming spaces why (Pc, Handheld,Mobile,Console) only Sony has to deal with MS's BS for the sake of competition. This isn't 25 years ago like when you had just Consoles on the market from everyone,

MrDead1d 8h ago (Edited 1d 7h ago )

Problem is MS doesn't want to or need to compete.

MS buying up publishers means less competition in who makes games, a higher entery cost to anyone that wants to enter the console market because of less third party publishers, we also have found out plans for what they want with Nintendo.
MS are not good for the industry, at any point they have the money to lock away huge chunks of it that competing platforms really on.

F0XH0UND9221d 7h ago

That was a person building hype for a console, not Sony. It's so weird how people still try and use that as a gotcha moment.

Soulsborne1d 6h ago

M$ bleeds you dry , and gives zero in return. Your little netflix of games isnt all that profitable afterall.

Flakegriffin1d 4h ago

Or even worse; we would go from one Sony studio exclusive a year to 1 Sony studio exclusive every two years lmao

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jesujohn2d ago

Don't you stone-hearted guys feel pity for them? You must all subscribe to GP asap.