Sony PS3 leads in Amazon UK Top Selling Video Games

The Sony PS3 leads the Video Game top seller chart on Amazon UK. The number 2 spot is held by the Nintendo Wii.

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TheMART4896d ago

Isn't so strange just before a launch... Al fanboys. Then a few weeks after demand falls back, just like we've seen in USA and Japan.

Fanboys would have even bought only a PS3 shell when Barbie Ken said you had to build the 'computer' by yourself of components you can choose yourself. The first custom build console, which give you no games but can run linux...

bobbybrown4896d ago

You just posted some random news saying that the SNES sells more than the PS3 on a site that only sells ps3s from users and now you're like "oh it's obvious it's leading!"

Why can't you accept that you've made the wrong console choice and that you lose at life

shysun4896d ago

You're forgetting that the Europe launch has.....GAMES!Lots of them to.Motorstorm,VF5,R6:Vagas,Lai r ectect which the US and Japan launch was missing.

wolfgang4896d ago

Shysun : Ok so now that we have games for PS3, how come its still collecting dust on the retailers shelves ?

techie4896d ago (Edited 4896d ago )

I would hate to accuse you of being stupid wolfgang...but did you actually read his short and minimal post? He said the European launch will have games. One. The European Launch hasn't happened yet. Two. The games he is referring to haven't released we don't "now have the games" but will in March. Yes I expect those games to sell somemore ps3's - do I expect it to be outstanding? No - not at that price.

wolfgang4896d ago

Deepbrown : Ok you got me there. But what I should have said is that we already do have games, but they don't manage to sell the system like they should.

For God sake we already have good games, why don't you try using those as arguments for a change instead of always sticking to "just wait", maybe there would be more ps3 in the hand of gamers if potential gamers would get something else then "just wait" once in a while.

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ps3 will dominate europe, its obvious

AngryHippo4896d ago

It's not obvious that ps3 will dominate Europe. I live in the UK, but how the hell can you make such a stupid comment like that. I agree pre-orders for the console are high, as it is with every new console on the market. PS3 is the most over-hyped console ever created, and one which people will soon realise is exactly that...over-hyped. It is a good console but it needs all of its killer apps in order to even have a chance in 'dominating Europe'. That will not happen until well into 2008 when the likes of Metal Gear Solid 4 and Killzone come out...struggling to think of any others. So don't make such a naive comment because you just sound like a d#ck.

techie4896d ago

Well when anyone validates a claim with 'comma it's obvious' you know it clearly isn't otherwise it wouldnt need that vaidation.

I think the sales of the ps3 in Europe will be healthy. And there are some great games coming out in 2007 - including MGS4...and probably Killzone 2


The xbox 360 was top of the charts before it launched as well... this is to be expected: the real test of Sony's popularity will be a year from now

shysun4896d ago

One year from now............MGS4,Heavenlysw ord,DMC4,FF12/VS,KZ2....the PS3 will be fine.;)

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