Microsoft doesn't need an Xbox Series X refresh - it needs more games

The recent leak of documents from the ongoing FTC vs Microsoft court case seems to have revealed Microsoft's plans for a diskless Xbox Series X refresh for launch in 2024.

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Hofstaderman12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

That about sums it up. That, and new leadership.

Obscure_Observer12d ago

"That about sums it up. That, and new leadership."

You´re out of luck, Phil Spencer is going nowhere.

After a slow start, Xbox is now packed with games and after his EPIC WIN over FTC and Sony by getting that ABK deal approved, you better get used to the idea that the day you´ll see Phil Spencer leaving Xbox, will be the first day of his retirement.

blacktiger12d ago

Naw, everything FTC has said is exactly happening. Anything and everything is reversible. To me I couldn't careless if it's monopoly or not. I'm 40 I don't buy Microsoft products not because of xbox but because of Microsoft practice from 90s

Hofstaderman12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

How can you possibly be OK with this circus? Do you not realize that you are cheerleading for the death knell of your beloved hobby? In three and a half years you got half baked halo with an obsolete roadmap, Redfall, and the admittedly decent Starfield. That's it. How can you possibly be happy with that?

Soulsborne12d ago

I cant hear anything over the muffled sound of philly boys nuts in your mouth.

343_Guilty_Spark12d ago

Xbox games are here and all anyone talks about is Starfield a game people will play for the next 7-10 years.

The other vocal minority continue to whine and complain about various things because they hate Xbox has platform exclusives.

“I’ll just play on PC”

Ok do just that

11d ago
S2Killinit12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Also, They CAN’T have a updated series X because they have too many different consoles already.

Hofstaderman12d ago

Never say never to the stupidity of MS and their nonsensical naming conventions.

JackBNimble11d ago

Gamers say that as if Sony has a great list of exclusives this generation which really isn't true.

There are a handful of exclusives on ps5 and I personally will never buy what is available at the moment.

Sony and MS both need to do better because so far 3rd party games seem to be better then 1st party exclusives this gen.

darthv7211d ago

i guess this writer has forgotten that practically every console goes through a refresh. How and when are decided upon by the market conditions, cost of production and availability of parts.

As for the games, I guess he also forgot that MS have been releasing games this year and have more coming over the next several as well.

mjchitown11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

you need a new brain . funny you dont say that about jim ryan

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ChiefofLoliPolice12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Plus the all new "Brooklyn" Xbox Series X is all digital too?? Even if I was a hardcore Xbox fan that's a hard pass!


ocelot0711d ago

Thing is it's not for everyone. But it should of been a option from the start. Not half way though the gen. They definitely should not of made the S instead this.

Just like Sony did. One digital one disc but same power. I have had a series s for nearly a year. But just did a trade with a friend for my series s and a switch lite for his newly won series X. Would of made the same trade if it was for this digital console.

Elda12d ago

Exactly. Start releasing a few original interesting must play AAA exclusives a year then think about releasing new hardware during the generation.

MrDead12d ago

They need to make games and stop limiting gamers access to multiplatform publishers

Obscure_Observer12d ago

"They need to make games and stop limiting gamers access to multiplatform publishers"

Your narrative is now dead on the water.

From next month till the end of 2024 there isn´t a single upcoming first party game that weren´t fully funded and developed by Xbox Game Studios.

Forza Motorsport
Flight Simulator 2024
Hellblade II

You running out of arguments to downplay Xbox.

MrDead12d ago

Is this your first year gaming? Those games you listed where are almost all MS has this generation, they literally needed to buy up and ban multiplatform publishers to have any semi-exclusive content. All this happened because MS ignored their own platform for a generation and a half and it's sales died everywhere but the US. Now as punishment to consumers for not buying an Xbox gamers are losing access to entire publishers.

"You running out of arguments to downplay Xbox." Until MS stop banning multiplatform publishers from competing systems then Xbox and MS will always be a cancer and a leech to the industry and no one will ever be out of arguments.

Traecy12d ago

Nothing has a concrete release date that you listed except Forza. As an XBSX owner the only game that's interesting on your list to me is Hellblade 2 & there's still no release date nor has there been any recent gameplay footage about the game.

Obscure_Observer11d ago


"Until MS stop banning multiplatform publishers from competing systems then Xbox and MS will always be a cancer and a leech to the industry and no one will ever be out of arguments."

There´s not "systems", dude. Only Playstation got shafted and we all know that´s the only reason you´re losing sleep.

You try and pass as some neutral PC gamer but we know you´re not. You been trying to drag the PC community into some conspiracy bs to cover your bias towards Sony.

FTC´s leaked documents shows that MS´s plans is only to exclude Playstation from getting ports from new upcoming games by Bethesda. In NO moment Steam or Epic is mentioned.

So all of your FUD bs is nothing but hot air.

gold_drake12d ago

new games? are you serious?
that would make too much sense, it would be too logical.