Xbox Game Pass made $230 million revenue in one month, most users pay for full subscriptions

Microsoft reveals a rare look at concrete Xbox Game Pass earnings, with the subscription breaking $230 million in subscriber revenues in a month's time.

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Obscure_Observer2d ago

But Jim Ryan said Gamepass is not sustainable.

jesujohn2d ago

This is revenue not profit. There is a cost of running the service.

dumahim2d ago

I get the feeling this isn't the first time this has been explained to him in articles about MS revenues, but it never sinks in.

VenomUK2d ago

FFS! Why on Earth is there illiterate, innumerate people crowing about $230 million revenue? Without any other figures to give it context such as licensing fees, server running costs and advertising, it’s not possible to know if this is fabulously successful or a loss-making venture. What we can definitely assume is that $230 million is not NET profit!

ALSO, whilst so much internal Microsoft info was leaked the fact that the net profit wasn’t revealed alongside this number is because Microsoft likely didn’t share it with the court! Why do you think that is?

darthv721d 23h ago

Please note this is for "one month". Generally speaking, the contractual negotiations for game pass titles are for a period of time, not a month to month basis. So if a game pub is paid $10m to put their game on GP for 1 year... MS has made that $$ back in one month with 11 more to go before the title is removed. now obviously there are multitude of games that comprise the game pass catalog and all of which take a cut but this is still impressive for just one month.

Only the publishers know if their deal is worth it or not and so far many have said it has been worth it.

fr0sty1d 18h ago (Edited 1d 18h ago )

If it was doing so great, they'd be screaming their profits from the rooftops, instead we get Phil saying they're considering exiting gaming completely if things don't turn around dramatically for GP by 2027 (in other words, this may be their last generation in gaming, and GamePass is their last hope, and so far it hasn't delivered).

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Jin_Sakai2d ago

What the cost to payout developers a month and run the service? This is only half the picture.

blacktiger2d ago

half? YOU MEAN LESS THAN HALF! The contract, the debt based system and so on

RpgSama2d ago

Cost to run the service, cost to include games into the service, cost of day one games, publicity costs, paying salaries, bonuses, benefits to the God knows how many people they have right now based on all the developers and publishers they had and the ones they bought. Licensing fess for the engines they use on their games, any cost related to game development besides employees, do we add the money they put into buying all these developers and publishers in there?

aconnellan1d 19h ago

Why is it we never see this with other companies? Sony releases number of consoles sold, or developers talk about copies sold, but we don’t hear “great but what’s the profit margin?”

Yes revenue isn’t profit, but why is that only an issue when it comes to Game Pass?

jimbo6762d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Xbox game pass has been profitable for years. You take all the revenue you make and now have the buget for the next month. Don't go over that budget and profit. Rinse and repeat.

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ocelot072d ago

This is why people look at you as a massive troll/blind fanboy. That's revenue not profit their is a massive difference.

EvertonFC2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

You literally have no clue, we've explained this revenue Vs profit argument to you numerous times. Do you have no ability to learn and remember ? You say the same shite everytime 😂🤣

shinoff21831d 23h ago (Edited 1d 23h ago )

Jesusjohn, Thank you guy for pointing that out. It won't matter though.

Gamerscore20771d 23h ago

Well how much profit did they make last month? You realize revenue & profit is two different things right?

randomvoice1d 22h ago

It isn't

Growth on gamepass has plateaued. Revenue is not profit. They've blown Billions acquiring publishers. There is a reason they don't publish the profit numbers or sale numbers at the end of the day.

jjb19811d 21h ago

It is when 90% of the games are trash.

fr0sty1d 18h ago

Phil Spencer also said so... "We may exit the gaming business if Game Pass subscribers off consoles don't increase a lot by fiscal year 2027"

northpaws1d 18h ago


You thought you found an angle to attack but you completely missed the point. Aim better next time.

gold_drake1d 14h ago

its not long term, as phil said in an interview ha.

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purple1012d ago

Ahh so 23million divided by $15 per month = 15.3million subscribers.

They say they have 20-30 million.

So now we know they have as many not paying as those who are. Either through Microsoft rewards which they're stopping... or conversion stacked subs. Or maybe something else I'm not aware of.

roadkillers2d ago

Do you think they are including DLC and add-on purchases in the subscriber revenue because subscribers are still spending money?

DeusFever2d ago

Even though it looks like most users are paying over $200 per year for Game Pass Ultimate, there a more than a few legacy accounts that paid much less upfront for many years of service to come. Microsoft’s accounting folks might spread that out over time, but realistically, those legacy accounts won’t contribute to monthly revenue until their current subscription term ends. So revenue isn’t a good indication of total subscriber numbers,

dumahim2d ago

Where are you getting your $15 figure from? There's so many variables in how people can pay, it seems there no way to guesstimate a figure to go off of.

purple1011d 5h ago

Well that's an average just for sake of easy math. For example it's 12.99 a month in uk which is about equal to 15dollars.

I believe it's 18dollars in USA. But that's per month, you save if buying 12 or 24month.

So the 15 figure is literally for easy math and a nice middle sum to take a base from

PunksOnN4G2d ago

With all the numbers Leaking about how much they paying Each dev a MONTH and Yearly. its no wonder xbox division has yet to turn a profit and gamepass is far from being profitable at all. with the big leaks and the amount they paying game wont ever be profitable as it is now