It’s Time To Start Killing Your Subscriptions

Kotaku writes: "These companies are bleeding me dry. Starfield on Game Pass. Sea of Stars on PS Plus. Ahsoka on Disney Plus. The Last of Us on (HBO) Max. Subscription services used to make me feel like I was getting away with something. Cheaper, easier entertainment at the click of a button. No commercials, Fewer risks. Hassle-free. Now the magic’s wearing off and the prices are going up. I think it might be time to cancel."

locomorales13d ago

This is how capitalist companies give costumers an illusion of choice, when the whole time they are just guiding us to an planned goal.

When movie and music industries beginning to move away from discrete sales to subscription - something only viable because new technology have emerged - they have well known and documented steps. The first is make the old product inconvenient, at least in costumers mind. Them they offer a practical, cheap and convenient alternative "as a service", them the new model will grow until it, eventually, surpass the old model. When there's no coming back, they skyrocket the price to cover all the lost profits from transition phase and to make profits bigger, because capitalism needs continuous and infinite growing.

This model, sooner or later, is going to be applied on everything possible. From cars to food. It's too good for the companies to not pursuit. It gives total control over products and costumers are tied to those companies to access products. There's no more ownership in the old sense.

Outside_ofthe_Box13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

They are already doing it to cars. They are starting lock stuff like carplay, ac, heated/cool seats, etc. behind subscription paywall. People are too stupid/crave instant gratification to see the issue in the LONG term. I think it will take something like government interference when this stuff inevitably gets out of hand in the future. Similar to how Apple is being forced to finally use universal USB-C for all their products. I think something like when you contribute x amount of money to a subscription that's equivalent to a retail purchase, you get to own a game, movie, album, car feature etc of your choice. It sucks that ownership is being taking away from us.

Hofstaderman12d ago

Truth. BMW wanted to lock out heated car seats with a subscription. They argued that owners typically don't use seat heaters in summer. Jesus imagine paying for that bullshit.

FinalFantasyFanatic12d ago

The car one is mental, imagine paying for a car with all the features, but being unable to use said features without a subscription, subscriptions have been getting out of hand for years now.

isarai13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Already did, paying to use online is already dumb as hell, I'm certainly not paying $80 to do so, I'm done, I barley play multiplayer games anyways

Shane Kim12d ago

I canceled mine too a time ago. I only play SP games and I rather just buy them when they release.

Abear2112d ago

Same here, used to play COD and Battlefield and just got tired of the same old shite. Sports game’s literally haven’t improved in like 20 years and there’s still too much lag to enjoy a competitive match no matter the game. Fighters are the last good online gaming experience and even that’s dodgy. I’m canceling when my Plus expires in a couple months too. These free games are straight trash.

Sonyslave313d ago (Edited 13d ago )

The only sub you need is gamepass if you own both ps5 & xbox.

Day one Zenimax & Activison + third party.

12d ago
cthulhucultist12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

White subscriptions are -for the time being- convenient for some people and an option, given the situation in other markets (video, music, movies even car industry, phone apps), everything is moving into a subscription only future.

Even the photo apps I downloaded in the past for a few euros for the full unlock, are now locked under a subscription model that would have cost me numerous times the asking price (let alone the lack of ownership).

This is not the future that we want but it is most certainly the future Microsoft wants with Gamepass.

So while you are attracted to the value opposition of the service, the bigger picture is that Gamepass locks games out of competing consoles (by requiring studio purchases to support to the offerings of the service) and provides guidance to the other two competitors for launching similar services.

Sony has already their subscription online and Nintendo replaced virtual store with monthly subscription on a low offering service.

Knightofelemia13d ago

For HBO and Disney+ you can wait for the blu rays thats what I did with all three seasons of Picard. As for PS Plus and Gamepass you're on your own I'd rather own the game then pay a streaming service to game.

andy8512d ago

I mean is it? I have PS, Gamepass and Netflix. Which totals about £15 a month. I don't consider that bad for all the media I need.

Stanjara12d ago

With that math capabilities of yours no wonder corporations are going sub model.

andy8512d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Math capabilities? Perhaps ask.
My PS Plus was £58 for a year. My Gamepass was £110 for 3 years (gold upgrade trick) and my Netflix is £7 a month. £58+£36.66+£84= £178.66
£178.66/12 =£14.89 a month

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