It’s now two years since Sony announced a new single-player PS5 game

A reader tries to understand why it’s been so long since Sony announced a new single-player PS5 game and what they could be waiting for.

-Foxtrot13d ago

It’s kind of disappointing considering it’s their bread and butter

On one hand it could be that they don’t want to announce something so soon

However that may not be the case and it will be an excuse many of us will hang to to justify their shift in behaviour

Personally with all their GaaS shit coming out I think people, even die hard fanboys need to put their foot down now incase it gets worse. We know how this goes, it’s best to get a jump on it sooner rather than later.

I know people will say “well they can do both, it’s not like they are giving up on single player games” but come on guys, two years since anything, it’s a little off and I’d rather have more single player driven games more frequently like they used to rather than waiting years inbetween for a new one.

Eonjay12d ago

This is more about what we know verse what we don't. I don't know how many time they have to say they are continuing to do single player games. I don't understand why they, like Microsoft and Nintendo, can't do both?
I am really tired of gamers acting like drama queens though. Not only do we know that they are working on single player games, we also know that they are actually allocating more money to the development of single player games. I don't understand the utility of needlessly working yourself into a manic state when its not even called for. Personally, I MUCH prefer them not announcing things until they are close.

CrimsonWing6912d ago

I just hate that they’re investing more into GaaS than traditional games. I wish Jimmy would step down and someone like Shawn Layden stepped in. This is honestly has been the worst gen for gaming, in my opinion.

blackblades13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

MS announced so much in 2020 and only like 3 released. Sony just better off waiting til they are ready to give us a road map of course we would at least know about them if announced early but still wouldn't be a good road map. As of 2024 we don't have a full road map. Hells divers 2 and FF7 rebirth in Feb is it.

Lightning7713d ago (Edited 13d ago )

It wasn't 3 game lol anyway This constant MS obsessed excuses/sidestepping won't help solve the issue here.

Focus up they've been weird with their 1st party and even 3rd party this year quiet and dodgy on all fronts and nobody knows exactly why. First party has been delayed internally for some reason. Besides State Of Plays which just gives us Indies and 3rd party these days when will we learn more about Sony's games? SGF late May early June? Is this literally a "wait till E3" moment. Sony hasn't had one of those issues in like 13, 14 years. The lack of transparency and radio silence is more annoying than anything.

shinoff218313d ago

Helldivers 2 like the first one doesn't even look fun.

Ff7 rebirth though that's gonna be dope.

S2Killinit13d ago

Helldivers 2 is my most anticipated game. Its going to be dope.

ApocalypseShadow13d ago

This isn't directed at you per say, but let's look at the reality of the situation.

Gamers, again, aren't going to admit it, but THEY are the ones that asked Sony to make them.

We all know Sony makes some of the best single player games in the business. No question. Even though other companies tried to minimize singles player, and now some gamers try to push a narrative that they were all for single player games AFTER Microsoft acquired publishers making some. Before, it was the bullshit of "one and done" games while crying over something like Spider-Man. Even though Microsoft had first dibs at a Marvel game and said no.

Gamers always asked for Sony to start making online games to the equivalent of their single player games. This is a truth. Asking for a Resistance Reboot, or War Hawk or Socom or TLofU online, Uncharted, etc. Gamers asked Sony to make or bring them back.

But online games have changed from the one shot deal. I don't care for them, or pay for online. But in order to keep gamers from jumping from the next game to the next game, online games have added more modes, items, maps, skins, etc over the course of a game. GaaS basically. Even GT7 does this. To keep you coming back.

Now, that they are making them, gamers are saying they never asked for them. Which is tons of bullshit. I'll never play them. But I know why they are making them besides looking for a profit. Maybe some of you just want online tacked on the side of a main game like before. It works. But that might take away development of the high quality gamers look for in the single player game.

Also, the article writer bullshits as well. Says Sony only has one PS VR 2 game. GT7 and Horizon launched with PS VR 2. Just because it's a hybrid doesn't negate that GT7 is a VR game too. Just like RE8, No Man's Skyrim, Borderlands, Hitman, RE4 Remake VR, etc. No one complains about those games but continue to dismiss that Sony launched GT7 VR with a full game. Dismiss that Sony is paying Capcom to keep them exclusive like RE7. They also published just recently Firewall Ultra. Which also gets looked over. They say Sony's not treating VR well but they won't say shit when RE4 shows up. Then it's crickets until some BS site pulls up more nonsense.

Sony didn't buy more studios just for them to relax in a hammock somewhere. They are making more games. And just like every other generation, the waterfall of games coming will shut the negative narrative and bullshitters up. Then, PS6 will launch, and then we'll again, hear the bullshit.

10 online games over the course of PS5 generation isn't much. I'd bet there will be double, triple the amount of single player games because Sony knows that gamers want that. And they do well with that.

-Foxtrot13d ago

There's a big difference between having a classic deathmatch like multiplayer for Killzone, Resistance etc and a GaaS styled online game.

I think people asked for one of them, a nice little online experience like the good old days...not the live service shit which consumes the entire game with drip feed content in the style of a roadmap.

JEECE13d ago (Edited 13d ago )


"I think people asked for one of them, a nice little online experience like the good old days...not the live service shit which consumes the entire game with drip feed content in the style of a roadmap."

I agree with you that there is a difference between a traditional multiplayer game (or mode) and a live service/GaaS. My question to you is what are the recent examples of successful traditional multiplayer titles? Because these days people will say they don't want live service, but then turn around and blast devs for not having enough content updates for their multiplayer games. That's literally the criticism COD fans are making this year; they didn't want a new game, they just wanted last year's COD to be turned into an ongoing live service platform.

shinoff218313d ago

Not to minimize everything you said , but some of us gamers might of asked for more resistance cause the single player was actually fun , not cause the online bs that came with it

Stanjara13d ago

Copium is a hell of a drug.

Markusb3312d ago

i didnt ask sony for any Gaas games, i wont play or buy a single one, games like resistance or killzone could just be standard single player games with online, they dont have to be loot box shooters.
I just want to hear about new 1st party narrative exclusive games that show us what the ps5 is capable of from their own studios

shadowknight20311d ago

Resistance fall of man multiplayer was some of the best hands down. Change my mind.

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Seraphim13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I think too many people are looking at PS through rose tinted glasses. Over the course of a generation we get some great games, sure, but it's certainly not some staggeringly huge number of games. Especially not from PS studios alone. The strength comes from the combination of PS Studios titles and 3rd party exclusives.

Lastly, I can only hope PS is holding back games until closer to release. I'm beyond tired of games being shown before they even hit production then end up taking another 5-10+ years to release, or get scrapped altogether. Looking at you Bethesda, Ubisoft, etc. We don't need to know what developers are working on. Is it nice? Sure, but all we need to do is enjoy the game currently available along with those we know are coming soon. This information age has gotten too many panties in bunch. I can't remember the last time I didn't have a game to play.

outsider162412d ago

Other ps studios should take notes how Insomniac are doing. Insomniac are literally carrying Ps5 this gen. Lol

shadowknight20313d ago

"Show me the money" in this case, they saw others making the money and said whatever, we'll do it too. I enjoy both, but I prided Sony on there influx of single player experiences. I don't want to see them be like everyone else.

victorMaje13d ago

I feel what you’re saying but as ApocalypseShadow says below I also think "their playing their cards closer to their chest".

Totally agree about the gaas. Big no for me.

But I’d say they’ve earned my patience in terms of SP announcements, I’m waiting until next year to see what happens.

TheKingKratos12d ago

Sadly you are right ... Sony will surely but slowly lose me as gamer if it's all about Gaas from now on

I am still hopeful that i am wrong

FinalFantasyFanatic12d ago

I already have, I haven't bought much in the way of PS stuff, especially this gen, I've really only bought PS1 classics the last 2 or so years.

neutralgamer199212d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Didn’t they announce death stranding 2?

Sony could be giving their studios the extra time while they have major 3rd party timed exclusives filling the gaps

Horizon call of the mountain
Spider-Man 2
FF7 remake part 2

This is why I miss E3 atleast back than we use to get a lot of information

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shadowT13d ago

In 4 weeks Sony will release Spider-man 2, the next single-player PS5 game. Wait, wrong headline.

Ashunderfire8613d ago

Don’t know why you got disagreed lol 😆 your right Spiderman 2 is single player! And they all forgot about the PS5 exclusives like Phantom Zero, Silent Hill 2 remake, Death Stranding 2, and need I say more?

Christopher12d ago

Yes, you do..1 game we've known about for 2 years and the only first party game since Ragnarok that's a sequel and third party sequels list.

Where's Factions? Is KoToR still a thing? And Wolverine is next after SM2.

That's it. That's what we know.

Years of the complaints of first party showings by other companies and now people are quiet? No, Sony has a job of giving me games to play. Do your job, Sony. I can play third party games on my PC.

shinoff218313d ago

Thing is , Spiderman doesn't excite everyone. I'm a fan of the super hero movies watched them all. But I'll be honest I'm about super heroed out. Spiderman 1 was fun but it doesn't excite me much, I'm looking more forward to the suikoden 1 and 2 remaster, the star ocean 2 remake, ff7 rebirth. Spiderman doesn't touch that

Rhythmattic12d ago

Well done proving your choice in gaming isn't also everyones,.....
Never go Full.

Rocketisleague12d ago

After playing batman arkham series and then spiderman 1, Miles morales was a the end for me. I can't play the same game packaged slightly different again

MarkSony512d ago (Edited 12d ago )

"Thing is , Spiderman doesn't excite everyone."

It excited 30 million+ people who bought spiderman 2018 and MM. I predict spiderman 2 to be the fastest selling ps exclusive of all time, and that's not controversial to suggest. So there's that. Sm2 trailer views on youtube also suggest people are hyped