Overpass 2 hands-on preview: Reinventing the obstacle course | Traxion

The latest rock-crawling escapades in Overpass 2 showcase the kind of expanded level design Unreal Engine 5 can provide. But, there's still work to be done with AI-performance ahead of release.


Overpass 2 - Gamescom preview (Sector)

Overpass 2 retains the name, but it is a new game that is not based on its predecessor at all.

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Overpass 2 Release Date Brought Forward

The Overpass 2 release date has been brought forward, avoiding the busy October 2023 games release schedule.


Off-road racing returns as Unreal Engine 5 powered Overpass 2 gets release date

Neil writes: "Remember how it wasn't always about 'going fast' when Overpass launched back in 2020? Remember how the off-road racing scene was given a shot in the arm by the precision motorsport brawling it delivered? It's time to get climbing again as Overpass 2 has been announced - and this one will be powered by Unreal Engine 5."

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