Now Payday 3 players are threatening refunds after servers tank

Payday 3 server issues are preventing those who've pre-ordered the game's more expensive editions their early access.

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shadowknight2039d ago

Only ps5 players are really refunding this. Everyone who currently has early access (except ps5 players) are enjoying it. I am a ps5 player. I am giving it till tomorrow when I wake, then I'll be refunding and purchasing the base game. Myself, and a group of 15 others in a group have already done so or are going to, and according to official payday Twitter, many ps5 early adopters are doing the same. It's not the game or servers, it's a stupid update...an update lol.

9d ago
ken28139d ago

I don’t buy anything that goes straight to gamepass only 10% of games that goes straight to gamepass are great. Downvote all you want to but you can’t prove me wrong,


Payday 3 Offline Mode Is Being Looked Into by Starbreeze Amid Server Troubles

Given the rough launch, Starbreeze intends to implement "some sort" of Payday 3 offline mode to fix the matchmaking issues.

Pedantic9143m ago

Why are offline modes for online only games so rare ?
MMOs i get, but surely a game as compact as a FPS/TPS/(shooters in general) with objectives to fulfill could have an offline option with bots shipped day one. Instead the only times offline "might" be considered is if there are issues with whatever online implementation you're using.


Payday 3 Update for Oct. 5 to Bring Over 200 Bug Fixes, Remastering Old Maps Not Ruled Out

The Payday 3 update for October 5 will house over 200 bug fixes. Starbreeze also comments on remastering old maps and more.


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